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  • Dear Friend!

    Thank you for your photo! Do you have this photo at a larger scale! By the way, how many photos of Steven Seagal do you have in your collection? Do you collect photos with Steven?
    I also collect mags. with Steven on the covers. Can you help me?

    Take care,
    Igor, Ukraine

    my email: igorgrinchenko76@mail.ru
    Igor, I sent the photo to your email address because I wasn't sure how to do it on this site. I also have it in my profile photos.
    Just stopping by to say "Hello" and "How are you?"

    Saw your name on my page!!:)

    I wish I could help you, but I don't have any printed/digital material of Steven Seagal. Sorry!!
    My name is Igor. I am writing from Ukraine. I would like to address to Steven Seagal fans who can help me with printed/digital material of Steven Seagal. If you have any extra mags., clippings, etc. I would be very obliged to you all for help and assistance! I will try to help you!
    My address is:
    Igor Grinchenko, Beketova st. 19/17-47, Kharkov 61007, Ukraine, My E-mail: igorgrinchenko76@mail.ru
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