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    Maximum Conviction - reviews

    My Blu-Ray Version of Maximum convition has a different picture on the Blu-Ray edition.
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    i cant find the keeper on region1 blu-ray. i got it from btitian and its region 2. where can i get the keeper that will on and usa blu-ray player
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    Steven Seagal Blu-Rays If there is anybody who can send me a link so I can collect more of Seagals Blu Rays? I would really appreciate it. I would like to find "Marked For Death", Hard To Kill and more. If you can help me I would indeed appreciate it. Thanks :cool:
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    Actuallt lucas the one that are on Blu-Ray are Under Seige 1 and 2, Half Past Dead, Above The Law and Out For Justice. I have not seen or heard of any others being on Blu-Ray.
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    I have every movie Steve has put out even the 5 he has out on blu-ray. I hope someone can help and if at all if they are going to bring out more of his movies on blu-ray and if so when? I'm patient, but I would like to add to my blu-ray collection. So if anybody has any idea when they might be...
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    Yeah its one of my favorite pics of Steve. But thank you for the post

    Yeah its one of my favorite pics of Steve. But thank you for the post
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    Where Can I Find

    I will look up the Budhist Temples in california. I would have to say my favorite is Angor Wat. It's in Thauland, but it is so peaceful a and and quiet you could here a pin drop. They have so many types of Orchids that I can't count how species of Orchids their are. Thanks again for the info and...
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    Hi Stacy, Thank you fort the comment on my page. I have worked and saved more animals than I...

    Hi Stacy, Thank you fort the comment on my page. I have worked and saved more animals than I have let die. They have been a passion for me since I was young and I continued into it through the years. When other thought an animal had no hope of living, I would what I was doing to thr side and...
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    Where Can I Find

    I was just watching "The Glimmer Man", and I was just curious if anyone would know where I could the Tibetan Prayer Beads he wears in the movie. If anyone could help me find the prayer beads that ;ook like he wore in The Glimmer Man I would really appreciate it. :)
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    Against The Dark - Reviews

    Not a bad movie? The movie was suppose to be about vampires. Instead is was all about flesh eating zombies. The wjole synosis was wrong. I give credit where credit is do, but for godsake please get the synopsis right. Now I see why it did not get to go on Blu-Rau and of course the budgetit cost...
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    How many here does Aikido?

    Aikido, Judo, Kinjitsu and Kendo are the 4 I take.
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    Steven Seagal Autograph?

    Now mystery mom, Iv'e only seen him once at 6' 5" 250 lbs is like looking up to godzilla. He was kind enough to give me an autograph but I was very intimidated by his size as soon as he signed on the piece of paper his autograph I hightailed it out of there, I didn't want him to think that I...
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    For you Hard Core Loyals

    I think when I saw his first movie "Above The Law" I was pretty much hooked with Seagal. He brought to the silver screen a new demension to the martial arts movies. Usually you would see TKD or Judo, but when he brought Akido to the movies more people were getting interested to this new style he...
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    Against The Dark - Reviews

    I would have to agree Suzi. The whole synopsis was wrong. It was no vampire movie. I think it was like a mix from "I Am Legend" to "28 Days Later ". Seagal barely played a major role and thats not a Seagal movie if he is just in small spurts. for horror yeah I give 3 out 10 but Seagal a 4 out...
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    Against The Dark - Reviews

    Against The Dark Review After the much anticipated release of "Against The Dark" and watching the movie this is my take on the movie. First thing is that it is a step from what Seagal usually plays. Most of the time we see him as a federal agent or some kind of a mercenary in all in all an...