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  • "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year" Jack!!:) May Santa be good to you!!:)

    And I love that picture of Steven!! Very nice!!:)
    Good Morning Jack! Sorry I haven't emailed in a while! I am extremely busy....but just wanted to stop by to say hi to you and your wife. How was your trip and did the compromising suggestion work? I hope so; Let me know. I pray that is was beautiful, fun & enlighening for you both! You still never told me what that word meant...let me know when you can, I am curious! I only know a little Mandarin Chinese, not much or enough...LOL! Take care and I look forward to hearing from you again. Keep up the Good Work, my Brother!!!!

    Love Always Your Sister,
    Hi Jack! How are you? You must b as busy as me! LOL! Hard to catch up with everyone @the same time! Guess what my 5 yr.-old daughter just said 2me 2day? She asked me,"Mommy r u a vet.?" I said, "No, why do U ask?" she said,"you look like a vet. because you love and take care of animals." 5 min.s later she said, "Mommy you look like a vet. becasue you love and care for animals. I want to be just like U." That was so Sweet and so cute the way she said that. It made my day!

    Love Always Your Sister,
    Hello Jack! I see you are online. After 3 days of not being able to get online with my wireless lap top, unless I went to the library close to my house, I am finally able to access the internet today at this moment.
    Looks below. :confused: WHOA somebunny likes you jack lol.
    Hey Stacy did Jack ever mention I too can mimic? Of coarse my list goes on and on. I am a musician so my vocal choards are stretched enough. I can immitate anything from car horns, guitars to lions, house cats/ kittens, rats, horses, corvas coras, and much more. But I wont get to into detailed with that.
    Well i'm going to keep it short n sweet.
    Jack hope all is well perhaps we can broaden the Steven Seagal collection a bit more soon. :)
    Good Morning Jack! I got your PM but am in a hurry because I have a lot to do today... I just stopped by for a minute. I have a lot to Tell you, share with you but because it will take too long, I will have to come back later on to answer.... Probabbly tonight. Sorry I missed you. I pray you and your wife have a blessed day... I can relate to you, what you said about the dolphines... I'll explain later. later, my Brother!

    Love Always Your Sisterm
    PS. I have ome really good photos of birds and other wildlife.... I will pt them together and send, if you want them.

    Love Always Your Sister,
    I promise I am not offended that you are Agnostic! I have friends who are both agnostic and use to be agnostic! I jsut Love you for who you are, Not whether you believe in my GOD or not!!! I may have to start sending you some PM's , because this can be quit long. Oh, by the way, I also wish I could become a Nutritional Therapist...All natural Alternative Med...coupled with SOME traditional Med.....Very Good to hear from you! Thank you for answering me back, My Brother of a Kindred Spirit! I may have to start sending you PM's..LOL! Our Comunication may get quit long...at least on my end, anyway... I am a writer....and I am a Very Observant person....
    Love Always Your Sister,
    I have many pictures to prove it... and wittness to prove it.... I love to become one with nature and it becomes one with me.... They Know if you really love them or not and can tell if you will hurt them or not....I love going to the zoo and state parks/swamps/nature trial sites, etc.... But I love going to the beach out at Ship Island out of Gulfport MS.... I love taking pictures of wildlife... If I had the time I would want to become a wildlife photographer/writer and volunteer more time with wildlife refuge efforts.... I am always so inspired by nature... My GOD Speakes to me, through nature...teaching me many lessons
    I can also sound like Wolves, cats, dogs, dolpines, spring peeps, American Toad forgs, cows, one sound horses make, donkeys ( I am one sometimes, LOL!), one sound the deers make, one communication sound rabbits make, one sound raccons make, sometimes sea lions/seals-their sound is hard to mimmick but not their communicative motions...I can usually get their attention with that-inaddition to my attempted mimmicking sounds of theirs... etc.... I can sometimes get close to wildlife for really good photos, or even get them to come close to me or come to me....
    Good Morning Jack! Thank you for the invite to b your friend! I accept. Thank you for all you do to help rescue animals...that is certainly a very special job you have! That is cool, you belong to the Audobon Society, too! I started sounding like and observing birds @ 8 yrs. of age! I can sound like a Cardinal, Bunting QWren, Cranes, Crows/Ravens, Bald Eagles, Red Tail Hawks & Screach owls, Barn Owls, Blue Jays (only 1 of their sounds),,ducks, geese & swans, McCaws, Mockingbirds, Red Headed Woodoeckers, etc...
    PS. you and your wife can email me anytime. I would love to hear about all the work you do, in preserving wildlife!!! Very cool what you both do!
    Hi Jack! I just posted response to you, about the beads....I just now found out what you do... I love animals and wildlife... I support World Wildlife Foundation, Defenders of Wildlife, Nature Conservancy, Audobon Society, and Oceanirum Conservancy.... I am a country girl who loves the life GOD made for us to enjoy and be responsable for! Take care, My Brother and GOD Bless You and Your wife, For all he work you do to help preserve and Care for LIFE!

    Love Always Your Sister,
    Here's a little info about me for my friends that visit along for anyone else whos interested.

    4 Degree Dan - Aikido
    3 Degree Dan - Kinjitsu
    2 Degree - Judo
    3 Degree Dan - Kendo

    "Steven Seagal has been a major influence in my studies of martial arts. Seagal is like a mentor to me. I had the privilage to meet him when I was in CA and he is a big man. 6' 6" 240 to 260 lbs. Very strong willed as well. I'm 35 married and very happy."

    Thanks for the friends request.I will be happy too.

    You and your wife have done a great job on your page. Very well done!!
    Thanks guys. worked on it for about 3 hours with my wife's help. Hope I can make it look a liitle better.
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