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  • I hope you get back to full health soon. I am glad I saw you in the chat today but you wandered off! :p Perhaps we'll have more chat another day and Myst might be there too, some days there are a few people in others there is nothing.

    Take care
    I miss you Martin - I really do!

    I am not well at the moment and am off and on here very quickly as I need to lie down and rest.

    I am also trying to keep up with my other writings and not doing good there either.

    I hope you are well and feeling better now.

    Hi Martin
    I am glad that you are feeling better. If you are online for a while do you want to chat?
    Martin is missing. Or we are missing Martin. I haven't seen you in the chat for a while. I hope you are well.
    Hi Martin. Yes I still live :D just haven't been here for a few days, did you miss me. :p
    Hi Martin
    I was only joking really as Sue said. I am just a little bit too protective over 'my guy' but seriously, I do value your feedback on his films or music ! Soooo take no notice if I am pulling your leg (making fun comments) and today I am going shopping for His music and I also need to top up my collection ! Take care and have a good day - I shall pop by soon.... Hanorah
    Martin you left the chat and it's lonely without you so I'm going to log off now.

    Irish Coleen is just pulling your leg (joking) about 'her man' he seems to belong to a lot of ladies on here. :p

    Night night, sleep tight, mind the bed bugs don't bite.
    He is the star of the show so he is 'the man' BUT hey I am gonna get it and let u know - is it out already on dvd ??
    Be afraid, be very afraid - my man is going to come and 'kick ur ass' for that feed back about the Keeper. Watch this space......
    Sorry Martin I'd gone 5 mins before I got this, I only logged in here for a few minutes.

    I am sorry you have not been feeling well, just 'under the weather' and English expression that is weird! High blood pressure can make you feel bad, my mum has that, did the doctor give you advice like relax more? Relax properly like meditate or listen to quiet soothing music? There are all sorts of advice about it I am sure. I hope the pills start to make you better soon.

    I haven't seen you here while I am for a few days.

    So I thought I would stop by just to say 'hi'.

    HI! :D
    hello martine.
    You have many frieds here ,now i no i kant
    sent you a message,and i hope that your friends acept me
    I see you on the shat and take sensei.
    from me lutje from belguim.
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