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  • iam getting busier now only an couple weeks and iam back at school and i do have an job and have to work around that... oh boy .
    Hi Lutje no girl iam alot of pain had my day surgery yesterday it went for two hours abit longer then expected but will be back on my feet soon iam sure.
    Hi Lutje how are you..in an few days i wont be hear or on face book as iam going in for surgery iam sure i wont be missed here any way but just letting you know its not an real big thing but it has to be done ..so catch you when i can..xx
    freezing down under girl..Adelaide went down to 4 yes 4 degrees last night no wonder my poor pussy was cold and she wanted to snuggle (iam talking about my cat of course those whom have an dirty mind shame on you ( :

    i had an day off from school because of my broken toe and thursday is off because my arts teacher has an meeting but iam cool with that and as of the end of this week iam on holidays from school for nearly three weeks and in that time i shall have my little operation.. catch you soon Lutje..xx
    hi Lutje how are you? i am pretty good other then having an broken toe again..thats me accident prone Heather..how is your family going
    I am great. Thanks for asking Lutje. Hope everything is going better for you and your family!!

    Hi girl how are you today ..its abit chilly down here but i prefer it to summer any day.. all the best with your family..
    Hi Lutje,

    You are welcome Lutje. Anytime, Hope everybody will get well and enjoy life again.
    GOD does answers prayers. Remember that and believe it!!

    Hi Lutje,

    Just stopping by to say "Hello".;)

    How are things for you? Hope better by now!!

    oh your only an young one Lutje ..but at the moment i bet you are tired with your family matters.. wish all well i hope.
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