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  • Well Myst, I tried but it didn't worked. Didn't take the specs out of it.

    OH well, no big deal!!:)
    I hear you Myst!!:)

    I always say........if it isn't broken, don't fix it!! Or something like that!!:)
    How sweet Myst, I just want to thank you very much for the beautiful 'prayer'. Brought a tears to my eyes, but that is good ! Thank you xx Coleen. I got back last night, and it has been quite a roler coaster of a few days !! My sleep pattern is still not quite right ! But that is expected under the circumstances ! Thanks again.
    Tried it Myst, but I changed it back.

    But I might change my mind in the future and change it again!!
    I already did that last night but most things I am happy for everyone to see, I don't post secrets here. :p
    I was up until the early hours. You must have seen me when I popped in to catch up but nothing to catch up on, unless this place was saying I was here when I was not. I can't remember now I've had a sleep since then. :p
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