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  • Wow Wow Wow!!

    I love the colours on here now. The butterfly background is amazing. Not always easy to read but who cares it looks great!

    I also have a 14 soon to be 15 yr. old daughter on July 27, who is 6'1. I thought was 6'2 but was mistaken...She is still very tall! Is that your picture? you look like a teen only 16.
    It was very nice to meet you but I have to go now. My little ones need me (4-yr-old son and 5-yr-old daughter) and I have to go to town soon. Nice chattin with you. Hope we can chat again, some time.
    Under the music section of the forum, about the concert, I asked everyone to order some of Steven's CD's to help Steven continue to raise money for CHildren's Hospital Research. It will help so many children and families. Read it, if you have a chance.
    He really does want to make a difference in the world and does make a difference in Many ways. He and his beautiful family.
    Steven's right hand man is working on revising Steven's Official Web site right now, but as soon as it is all back up and fully running, you can sign up to keep up with all his news & events. Also they will have a really nice store, you can ordder CD's, DVD's and other Steven Seagal Products. I think it is important to support what he does because I support almost all of the exact same charties and causes he does!!! He is genuine and sincere and very caring!
    Yes, he and his family, friends and helpers are all very nice. I did ask his permission to have a photo taken with him but will not share it on this site without his as not to invade his privacy.... I have famous family to, and to me I know how important it is to respect their privacy!!! I love what you did to your page. It is very nice! very cool!
    I had arrived there 5 1/2 hours before the concedrt. I had a salad at the HoB restraunt, before the concert, since I am mostly vegetarian. It was very good.
    Steven's Fund Raiser Concert, for Children's Hospital, was at the House of Blues on Decater Street. It was the first time I had ever been there and a Miracle I ever got to the parkiing garage HoB works told me about over the phone before leaving home....
    I met Steven and some of the others with him....they were all SO Very nice. Steven is a very tallented musician. I purchased the Around The WOrld Tour CD "Songs from the Crystal Cave" and Love it. I espcially Love song# 3 "Music" because he sings of musci bringing us all together in Peace, harmony, unity and Love! Very good album!!!
    I used to live in Metaire, LA and attended Delgado Community College from August 1997 till April 2001. One of my College Professors, who is like a mentor and mom to me, still lives in NOLA and teaches at the Delgado Charity School of Nursing. Mary Beal was also one of my professors for Communication classes. Sje works at WWL4 NOL
    Hi NOLA Lady! were you at Steven's Concert Thursday and are you from NOLA? I was the one in the ocean life dress, interpreting some for my new deaf friend, at the concert. I am James Burton's cousin
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