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    The Getting to Know you Thread (part 3)

    Heather, someone form America may have said this, not America. Don't judge America by the press, we have here, the press here has it's own agenda. It does not support the values of the American people. I hope Australia wins BIG:D
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    Video Clip : Steven at the El Rey Theatre !!

    The "alarm" just went off on my clock:D :) :o Tell me, do you think he has on leather pants???
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    Steven live at the El Rey Theatre !!

    Thanks Suzi!! They make my clock tick to fast:D
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    Warner Bros. Cranks Out 10-15 Direct-to-Video Movies

    I believe theaters will become a thing of the past. You can buy a #1 theatrical release cheaper than you can take a family of four to the theater. The added benefit is that you have the movie and can watch anytime.
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    Twins Drown In Water Tank...

    A water tank could be where horses and cattle drink, here in small towns the towns pump water into enclosed tanks that are 30 or more feet high, we have water tanks that hold fish bait, etc, etc, I was just curious what type of tank it was.
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    Twins Drown In Water Tank...

    Heather, what is a water tank?
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    A short message to all Americans:

    The money and power is only allocated to a few, not all.:(
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    FRENCH POLYNESIA: Temaru Joins Hollywood Actor On Anti-Nuclear Energy Stage

    Heather, the girl in the second pic, is the girl in the third pic (background) and I bet I know what he was thinking. LOL;) :D :)
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    Steven at Moscow

    Great pic's, Suzi. He still thrill me, even in his long jeans and XXL clothes. Because he is...... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL in Heart and Soul :D :D :D
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    Seagal in Bucharest promoting Intelligence Not Violence

    Suzi, If I remember correctly, don't you have some pictures posted here, when Steven was on vacation with one of his children? It doesn't seem like it was to long ago either.
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    My little Mandarin clothing collection

    Very nice Take-Sensei, I like the red shirt a lot. Are they silk? Are they hard to take care of? In other words, do they have to be ironed (that's a bad word for me:D )
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    89 Steven Seagal Pictures from Mercenary for Justice :)

    Great photos Hofmae,:D I can't wait till I can get the movie.
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    Littledragon, Happy Birthday.....

    Happy Birthday, Littledragon. May all your wishes, hopes and desires come alive:) ;)
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    Review: Fire Down Below

    It is one of the best, it has action:) , it has good music:) , it has humor:) and it has a message:D . What else could you ask for;) ? It's my favorite.
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    Steven Seagal at Romania !!

    This is "TRUE":) Steven, this is who he is and why we love him, so much;)