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  • Hi,

    Here in the USA we have Memorial Day were we remember all the soldiers that fought in any war. Alot of holidays we are celebrating in the USA that we don't celebrate in Germany of course. Like the 4th of July.

    How is school going? How many more years do you have to study? Do you have any brothers or sisters?

    Talk to you later friend!!:)
    Hi there,

    When I was in Hawaii it wasn't hot, it was just right.Beautiful islands and so relaxing. Expensive so. But worth the trip. Went to different islands besides the main island.

    Wouldn't want to live in New York but visiting is fine. The city is too busy!!

    Hope you will get to go some day!!

    Have a nice weekend!!:)
    Всех с праздником Первого мая! Мир, труд, май!

    We're celebrating the First of the May! Peace, work, May! Everybody, say: "Hurah"! Let's celebrate it together! :)
    Hi friend,

    You are excused!!LOL:D

    I have been to New York twice. Busy city, lots to do. Dallas,Texas been there alot.There again lots to see and to do. Los Angeles only been there at the airport taking a flight to Hawaii. Would like to to back and see Hollywood!!:)

    I won't forget you my Russian friend.:)

    Be good and stay in touch!!
    Hey little brother.I could be your "older" sister not "old" sister!!LOL:D Not that old yet.

    I don't know if I would want to live in Russia, maybe just visit. If I had my choice I would want to live in Germany or Hawaii!!

    Talk to you later!!
    I have got to go little brother!! It was nice talking to you!!

    See you next time!! Bye!! Auf Wiedersehen!!:)
    There is something good and beautiful about every country!! I miss Germany. Have only been back once, but like to go again.Soon!!

    I love the french language, it's so beautiful I think. Hope you will get to travel some day and see all the different countries and cities and different cultures. Like I said, there is something beautiful about each different country.
    Yes I have. I have been to alot of states in the USA.Have traveled alot. I have also been to Hawaii twice!!

    While I was living in Germany I went to Switzerland, France, England and Luxemburg. Never been to Paris,France but I would like to go there some day!!
    I love to read, go bowling,take pictures, go shopping..................of course, which girl doesn't!!LOL:D I do go to a health club during the week to keep in shape. Never have tried karate etc.

    You sound like you have alot of nice hobbies!!

    I don't speak russian at all not even a word. But I still speak german!!
    Hi little brother,

    This is your "older" sister!!LOL:D

    You sound very nice!! And I think you will go far. Good luck on your studies. And "Thank You" for the compliment about my page!!

    Take care little brother!!

    Hi there,

    I live in the heart of Kansas. Tornado alley we call it!! I was born and raised and went to school and college in Mainz/Wiesbaden, Germany!!

    My age??? I am old enough to know better!!LOL:D I could be your "older" sister!!:)

    Do you still go to school? Did you learn english in school? Your english is pretty good!!:)

    Have you ever been to Germany? Or other places in Europe? I have never been to Russia!!

    Take care my friend!!:)
    Hi Kirill,

    Nice to meet you. My friends call me Ann. I am from Germany, but I live in the USA.

    Have a good day and keep in touch!!:)
    o.k what can you tell me about yourself?how old are you?where do you live in usa?and other.
    So sorry for delay in post but I lost my internet connection for an hour, before I could post what I had typed... Thank GOD it didn't make me loose what I typed.. So, a miracle.... any PM me any time you wish! Dahs-vee-dahn-yuh, Pea-kah!

    Yo O-chin Lube-Lue-Vahs Mehn-yah Broo-der!

    Love Your Sister,
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