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  • good easter ate too much choc lol. spent way too much on my son and his friend(girlfriend). hope u had a good easter. He was 12 on friday , god i feel old.
    hi there ,would say i'm good but thats a lie just been suspended from work got a meeting on thurs,need to cut my hours down or leave. With a bit of luck might get sack lol. How r u doing?
    Hello and "Happy New Year" to you too.:)

    Hope you are able to take a break soon?

    Take care!!
    merry xmas and a happy new year to you anneliese i'm going to have a blury xmas as i've just finished doing 6 nights on trot only got tonite off and then back again.
    hello there just got the message as i've been kind of busy working . trying to explore a bit more of the site when i've got time. hope you are well and thanks for the hello. psycho
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