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  • how you ging love? feeling better or sick as?.. you could have always come on my 5-6km walk yesterday would have done you alot of good iam going to make it an regular thing with an couple of my friends ..
    so not feeling to crash hot huh? do you drink Tea? if so brew yourself up an nice hot cup of tea ( no milk or sugar) instead add an teaspoon of honey in it it does wonders for me when iam feeling like some thing coming on ..just an thought..
    Hi sw you were online ..have heaps to do but i couldnt leave with out saying 'hi' may do an bit of writting later today or over the weekend.. any way see ya..xx
    Thanks..found out i have to wait till after the end of June for my surgery ...as i dont have private health care and have to save up ..i cant ask my brothers as they are battlers living off the farm ..so just hope i make it with out to much pain.. thanks for caring ..xx
    now i know for sure whats wrong inside alot more relieved its an thing that can be fixed.. iam going under the knife after the 10th may when iam not sure but just want it done ..
    Thanks any way ..but right now i dont care he could have 10 kids for all i care i have just had enough of his bull this child has been born nearly an year why were we told then news like this is important ..and i dont care how many chicks he has he could have heaps more but hey i have heard of people having 'open' marriages' ?.. any way not feeling to good today if you dont want to keep in touch any more because of what i said so be it..
    sorry cant stay long have to go help an friend around the corner ..being an new mum she needs an hand now and then after all what are friends for ..where you pulling my leg when you said you dont live far from steven place? if so ( : cheeky.. if you do live that close for real i dare you to go knock on the door..gotta watch out for those kung fu dogs..catch you later..xx
    oh its more then beautiful mate it the best.. i live in the south and its all good ..i go fishing and love the wineries and the best food on the planet and just the place to be..
    so where abouts in the great USA do you live i have friends all over i gather you know iam an australian
    Oh yes i love everything about him ..gee abit game didnt he say in one of his songs about alligator ass better watch out it doesnt take an piece of his ass
    oh yes he just rocks my world as i bet he does yours..iam going to go whats been happening iam sure i will see red ..
    Oh shucks you say the nicest things.. oh i know i have an few good people behind me here iand what i call in the 'shadows' no iam not going any way and that is what gets up certain peoples noses.
    Good afternoon.. well here any way had some tests done on an other problem i have and the assistant that was doing the ultrasound couldnt say anything ..iam hoping its only an hernia or some thing else easy to get rid of.. have to wait till next tuesday its going to be an long weekend..
    you know for some one whom is young you are very sensible not to mention clever ..oh iam in abit of pain tonight but i learn to deal with it dont have any one to look after me in my hour of need ...i have been here nearly 8 years and som etimes i feel like packing it all in and going ..BUT then i think NO bloody way its them that should 'F' off..
    Hi same old **** from those little boys.. when it comes to attacking some one personally like they have with me i shall pull out the big guns..
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