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  • It's the snow! I turned it white because of the snow but ran out of time to do it all.
    Awww ! Now I hurt your feelings and you changed it back.... come on get creative and put something nice here
    Checked out early in the morning and finished the Christmas shopping......... tell the rest the gift is in the mail.......

    As for you, with this color scheme - well as my Granny used to say.... you taste is all in your mouth.....
    Yes we have a well - but it does not look like a wishing well - it is capped and it needs electric power to pump the water up into the house.....

    I played some yesterday and I only got a score of 204.6 so I am not playing anymore!!:)

    At least NOT today!!:):D
    No I wasn't,honest!!:D I didn't even think of the penguin game today!! But thanks for reminding me!!
    OK Sue, you made me do it!!:D

    I played one time and got 204.7!! I guess I had my fix for today:D
    Well,we are suppose to get ice and snow sunday night into monday. I just hope it won't be bad, or maybe we'll get lucky and it will pass us by.
    Power outage is no fun!! Last year when we had an ice storm, I was without power for "only" 6-7 hours and it was driving me crazy.. the silence!! But I had heat, so that helped.Alot of people in surrounding towns were without power for a week.
    Sue, I believe the penguin game is in the thread:

    " Game to drive Sue crazy" or something like that!!
    Yes, it is.

    Penguin game? I forgot all about it!!Don't think I am going there, I'll never will get off if I do.:D

    The North East had a big icestorm and alot of power outage.I wonder if that's what happened to Myst?

    I sure hope she is alright!!
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