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  • Hi,

    "Happy late Birthday" Gabe, sorry I am late but I am out of town and only logged in, in between breaks.Hope it was a good one!!;)
    It's been the same here Gabe.

    Tomorrow it is suppose to be in the 60's and then the next day 30's and maybe snow. One crazy winter to say the least.

    Nice hearing from you, take care yourself and stay warm!!:)
    Hi Gabe,

    How are you? How is Texas? I bet it is warmer then Kansas right now. I used to live in Texas for a short time. McKinney,Tx, I sure like the weather there.

    Take care!!
    Hi Gabe,

    You are welcome!! Hope you had a great Birthday!!

    And "Happy New Year" to you too!!:)

    Hi irish coleen
    I won't be able to see it myself as I live in Texas. I hope that somebody that lives in Memphis will post on here or youtube.
    Hi Sugust
    Great to hear BUT we only have some American channels over here. If somebody could post it would be very much appreciated - thanks for letting us know. I may think about joining the police force myself if I thought that Steven would take down MY particulars when recruiting me !!
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