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    Seagal building a conservative streak?

    Perhaps I'm the only one who thinks this is apparent, but I thought I'd toss it out anyway... Seagal has been a political person both in his movies and in real life. He's tended to be a "lefty," going by the storylines of his films and his choice of activism. However, recently I've noticed a...
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    Steven Seagal Visits Russia On The Invite Of Vladimir Putin

    All this talk about Seagal's weight and whether or not he looks like "a believable action star"... All I'll say is that he looks like he could beat the heck out of one of my least favorite world leaders, were they not such apparent chums. Seagal looks impressive and imposing, juxtaposed to...
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    Boycott SEAGAL!!

    marky96, good points in turn. However, we still have disagreements. I think Seagal does take an interest in his directors, at least more than folks seem to believe. He's mentioned openly about how he enjoys working with Keoni Waxman, and Roel Reine's claimed in an interview that he had...
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    Boycott SEAGAL!!

    I won't call anybody names, but this petition strikes me as misguided. Don't get me wrong, I'd be happy if this actually came to the attention of Steven and at least made it clear to him what some of the more troubled features of his regular output are, but then again, I'd be surprised if the...
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    Steven Seagal Visits Russia On The Invite Of Vladimir Putin

    The article says, with discretion, that Putin invited Seagal to bolster his own tough-guy image, and goes on to talk about how he (Putin) is considering reestablishing a school-based youth fitness program similar to one coined by Stalin, albeit with modern adjustments. I can't help but think...
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    Steven Seagal comments on "I Am Strong"

    First time I've heard of this! Gotta check it out.
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    Movies Steven to produce "Dragon Squad".

    A very belated response to the topic, but Seagal's involvement in the movie is mentioned in an HKCinemagic interview with Bey Logan: http://www.hkcinemagic.com/en/page.asp?aid=169&page=2
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    Boycott SEAGAL!!

    No one's really defined the terms of the actual boycott yet. I expect this includes not buying the movies, but what about renting or borrowing or downloading them? Additionally, does Seagal have to meet all or just a few of the listed demands before this boycott is lifted?
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    No SEAGAL for The Expendables 3.

    I'm glad that Seagal continues to stand apart from the Expendables franchise. It probably would have been cool to see him in E3, but give me Steven in a starring role rather than a supporting part any day, regardless of the budgetary difference.
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    Television "Lawman" Season 3 Production Begins - Maricopa County, Arizona

    Seagal seems drawn to these controversial sheriff types. First Harry 'every black man is a suspect' Lee and now Joe Arpaio, whose laundry list of controversies hardly needs mentioning. I'll want to give the new season a look, but I won't stick with it if Seagal spends too much time praising the...
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    What's next for Seagal?

    Every few years, Seagal comes out with something unexpected. Just when you think things are settling in with his DTV movies, he's releasing a CD, unveiling an energy drink, getting a TV show, making an unexpected showing in a bigger-name movie... Basically, it's hard to say. I think he'll...
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    Why am I a Seagal Fan?

    It's interesting that you should mention Voltage Pictures, Seagalzilla, since they've supplied a good example of how producers affect Seagal's movies. Voltage Pictures is the company that's produced Seagal's movies since A Dangerous Man. It's run by Nicolas Chartier, who was profiled by...
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    True Justice season 1 - favorite episode?

    "Payback" is my choice. It seemed like it had the most action. Also, being not a huge fan of the protagonists, it was refreshing to see them get smacked around, shot, and blown up.
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    Would you like to see Steven Seagal on the big screen again ??

    I voted for the third option. It seems to be the best option for Seagal to be directed by someone unique for a change. Nothing against Oblowitz, Fauntleroy, Keusch, King, and Waxman, but I've been hoping for someone like Tony Ching to helm a Seagal vehicle again and it seems a tough thing to...
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    Why am I a Seagal Fan?

    Respectfully, I need to contradict you: I'm not as well-versed in Snipes' filmography, but Lundgren is definitely guilty of being both dubbed and doubled. Bridge of Dragons, The Last Warrior, Universal Soldier: Regeneration, and The Package are a few examples. I've heard about Seagal's 3-hour...