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  1. Trinity

    Naked pictures of Seagal's accuser leak...

    Since I do not know the young lady nor Steven Seagal,I can only form an opinion on actions taken.So far the only actions taken add up to $$$$$.If this is proven wrong My apologize to the young lady.
  2. Trinity

    Naked pictures of Seagal's accuser leak...

    I can understand not wanting to go to the police there.I really do.I however do not understand why Fed. charges have not been filed by her and/or her lawyer.She claims she saw Russian women as slaves,she was brought in from Cali(across state lines)imprisoned in the house,forced to take drugs and...
  3. Trinity

    In Love and Light!

    Sharing this with you in love:) www.universe-people.com
  4. Trinity

    Band SDT interview talk about Seagal!!!

    It is so good to read something positive about Mr.Seagal.Thank-you for posting the interview.:)
  5. Trinity

    Happy Easter..

    Happy Holiday and be safe.:)
  6. Trinity

    Middle Name

  7. Trinity

    Wonderful News!!!

    Thats Wonderful!!Many enjoyment filled years with you new Great-Grandchild!:)
  8. Trinity


    Happy Birthday TD and may you have many more!
  9. Trinity

    Middle Name

    Robvyne-My mom was into the "Lets be different"thing.lol
  10. Trinity

    Steven Seagal Pic Of The Day.

    He's probably listening intently to her explenation as to why she is wearing the wedgies with the knee socks instead of the mary janes he told her to wear.LOL
  11. Trinity

    I'm so bored...

    Without drawing fire upon myself-Please don't shoot!-I think he needs a new direction.All his films seem to be basically the same story line.Do a 14th century battle movie or a futureistic timecop movie,anything,but move away from this same ol movie loop.LOL:)
  12. Trinity

    Quote Of The Day

    I made it through yesturday and if I make it through today,tomorrows a piece of cake.:)
  13. Trinity

    Happy Birthday, Steven Seagal !!!!!!

    Happy Birthday!Enjoy making the movies you want to make , play the music you want to play and speaking for myself and I'm sure others here we'll be behind you.Truly if your hearts not in it ,it's not worth doing.After all what you create is your legacy.:)
  14. Trinity

    Dr. Steven Seagal

    Big YES!!!!!:)
  15. Trinity

    Stallone says Seagal backed down from Van Damme's challenge

    Regardless of who started it or was the nastiest,it was really childish and out of control to chase someone down to a public place(club) and confront someone who had already walked away from the situation.Mr.Van Damme showed no self control or social graces that should have been natural...