Jonathan Cold returns, this time he goes undercover to stop a group of terrorists before they bomb Los Angeles.

Release Dates:
27 December 2005 - USA
06 March 2006 - UK
21 July 2006 - Italy (Theatrical release)
27 March 2006 - Poland

Also Known As:
The Foreigner 2

$15 million USD

Box Office:

Filming Dates:

Filming Locations:
California, USA


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Still to this day the worst movie seagal has ever made, seagal takes part in none of the fight scenes at all, and the double doing the stuff is laughable, it’s boring, and seagal doesn’t even feel like Jonathan cold from the foreigner, absolutely seagals lowest point and don’t even get me started on the special effects, garbage.
Yes Steven Seagal returns as Jonathan Cold from his previous movie 'The Foreigner'. 'The Foreigner' in my opinion was his worst movie. It was possibly one of the worst movies i had seen. Until now. :( The plot is pretty simple, Jonathan Cold is undercover infiltrating a gang of terrorists who are planning to detonate a nuclear weapon. Of course he is going to try and stop them.

Visual effects:
I had to review these seperately. The effects in this movie are probably some of the worst you will see. They are 'thunderbird' like again. Surely they can do better than this. The last sequence in the helicopter is the worst. I'm sure you'll agree.

Tamara Davies seemed to me to be the star of the movie. She had the most work to do and i think she was on screen more than Steven Seagal. She played her part well although she did seem to swear alot. The rest of the cast were poor with the exception of the bearded bad guy who i thought did okay.

Well where do i start. When you see a Steven Seagal movie you expect action. In this movie there was a fair amount. There was a car chase in the middle which i think Vern's review from Ain't It Cool sums up nicely. Steven Seagal and Tamara Davies jump from a building into the back of a truck and are then driven away by the driver who we've never seen before. He's getting shot at by the bad guys though, but once clear he keeps going. He drives smashing into other cars for no apparent reason. This to me was pretty weird. Then during the chase he is shot, we don't know if he's dead on not, but after saving Steven Seagal and Tamara Davies lives he is just flung out of the truck onto the ground at high speed. Steven Seagal didn't even check to see if he was dead. :D There were also plenty of shoot outs which were reasonably well done. As for the fighting the less said the better. Steven Seagal has only about 4 short fights that i can remember. The first is shot very poorly. This takes place in the warehouse and is over in about 10 seconds. Obviously shot with the fake leg. Another on the stairs is all the stunt double. This is perhaps the longest fight sequence.

Out of the whole movie there is one sequence when Steven Seagal kills the bearded baddie. This was over in about 2 seconds, but was clearly Steven Seagal and it was well executed without the aid of a stunt double. For me this was the best sequence of the whole movie.

It was gone in this movie and replaced by a suit.

I have to give this movie 0.5/5. For me it is on a par with 'The Foreigner', maybe even worse if that was possible. :( As an administrator of this site it pains me to say it, but really these poor sub-standard movies are destroying Steven Seagal's movie career. I wish they would combine the budget for his 4 movies released this year and get better co-stars and behind the scenes staff and make 1 great movie rather than 4 dreadful ones.