Born To Raise Hell

2010 Born To Raise Hell

Samuel Axel (Steven Seagal) is a tough as nails Interpol Agent assigned to a task force in Eastern Europe. His target is those that traffic guns and dope throughout the Balkans. When an investigation puts him on the trail of a Russian gun dealer he learns how deadly life in Eastern Europe can truly be. Axel and his team are witness to a bloody street war between a Gypsy gang and the Russians. And when the investigation turns fatal for one of his team members, Axel becomes consumed with the need for vengeance.

Using his own brand of “hands on” street justice he applies pressure to anyone who gets in his way. Axel embarks on an action-packed thrill ride as he hunts down those responsible for his friend’s death. And in an explosive climax Axel will be forced to form an unlikely alliance with one of the very men he swore to take down.

Release Dates:
UK - 18th October 2010
Japan - 11th December 2010
Poland - 27th January 2011
Netherlands - 8th February 2011
Germany - 25th February 2011
France - 1st March 2011
USA - 19th April 2011
Italy - 11th May 2011
Kuwait - 26th May 2011
Argentina - 6th June 2011
Finland - 7th September 2011
Sweden - 7th September 2011


Filming Locations:
Bucharest, Romania


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Well this movie is practically the same as the rest of his DTV releases. While no where near as bad as the likes of Out Of Reach it is still nowhere near the quality required for a cinema release.

Dubbing throughout the movie does not help. A movie where Steven Seagal is producer and even writes the story to have dubbing is dreadful and lazy.

Action was decent, some brutal stuff. He even uses some of the police techniques that we see used in Lawman.

Director did a decent job for his first attempt.