Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Steven Seagal?

No i'm just a fan who runs a website dedicated to the work of Steven Seagal.

Can you contact Steven Seagal for me?

No sorry, unfortunately i don't have any contact with Steven Seagal what-so-ever! The best means of contact is through the official website:

Can you send me a signed Steven Seagal photograph?

Due to me not having any contact with Steven Seagal i am unable to do this. The best means of getting a signed photograph is through a specialist dealer or via an aution site such as Ebay. Please note that on some occasions autographs are fake!

Where can i buy Steven Seagal videos/dvds?

The best places to buy Steven Seagal media is probably the reputable retailers such as Amazon, eBay, BestBuy, etc.

I own region 2 dvd's are they cut compared with the region 1 version?

Early DVD releases in the UK were cut, but generally the majority of releases now are the same as the US.

What special features are included on Steven Seagal's DVD's?

Basically the DVD's are pretty empty. The most you usually get on them is the movie trailer as well as some production notes. The 'Exit Wounds' DVD actually contained a decent 'making of', 'DMX music video' as well as an 'on set featurette'. 'Half Past Dead' DVD has a few special features, including an audio commentary.

Also there are a few foreign releases that contain further special features that are not on the region 1 and 2 DVD's. For example, the Spanish release of 'Out For A Kill' contained a 20 minutes making of.

Can i buy the novel version of any Steven Seagal movie?

The only novel you can buy is 'Exit Wounds'. This was written by John Westermann. This is not a book based on the film, but the film is based on the book. You can purchase this book at Amazon as well as the follow up novel containing another Orin Boyd called 'The Honor Farm'. You can also visit John Westermann's website at John Westermann visited the official Steven Seagal forum as well as this site's forum where he gave us some great behind the scenes news he also appeared on the 'Exit Wounds' DVD in 'The Making Of'.

You can buy the novel from Amazon.

I saw a couple of new scenes in 'The Glimmer Man' that aren't on my DVD what's wrong?

Nothing is wrong with your DVD. These extra scenes have sometimes been added to the television version of 'The Glimmer Man'. They add a little extra to the story. Also you may have noted too that the 'On Deadly Ground' trailer also contains a couple of clips that were not in the final cut. These sections mainly were the love interest between Steven Seagal and Joan Chen.

Was Steven Seagal in the CIA or FBI?

These rumours have been going around for a long time now. People after watching Above The Law (Steven Seagal's debut movie) thought the film portrayed Steven Seagal's life to some extent. Steven Seagal has never confirmed or denyed that he was part of the security organisations. He played along to the rumour in a few of the interviews he's done, but never came out and said yes or no.

What are the addresses for the official Steven Seagal movie websites?

The majority of the official sites are now gone, but in the past there were sites for 'Exit Wounds', 'Half Past Dead', etc.

Where are the rest of the Steven Seagal fans?

There are thousands of Steven Seagal fans using the world wide web today. At the moment they are dotted all across the internet. You can interact with some on this site's discussion forum.

Is it true Steven Seagal is creating a music album?

Yes it's true, Steven Seagal has played as well as composed a few of the themes from his movies. He has now released two music albums. The first was called 'Songs From The Crystal Cave' and the second was called 'Mojo Priest'. These are available for purchase from many online retailer.
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