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Aiki techniques of daito KODOKAi in video

I introduced the principle of AIKI techniques of the martial arts daito-ryu aikijujutsu.
I want to show you this following video where a great master of Aiki is making a aiki no jujutsu daito-ryu techniques. As i explained it, the
AIKI technique is based on the fact that kokyu energy (which comes from the Tanden) of the two bodies (or more) involved in a fight can be gathered in only one entity which can be used to unbalance the opponent. Look as the two opponents loose totally their balance. I wrote also"The unbalance technique of Aiki relies on the fact that it exist typical zones on the human body that are sensitive to the action of the kokyu. Applying aiki on those zones, make them weaker, and the unbalance of a body whatever his size and weight become possible" (see http://www.steven-seagal.net/forum/showthread.php?t=2723)

Look the hand of the opponents at the end of the techniques: tetanized.
The two opponents are totally paralyzed. (shimeru techniques)

This technique is performed by Nishikio Sensei a studend of Kodo Horikawa Sensei (Kodokai school of daito-ryu aikijujutsu)

Because Ueshiba Sensei (and of course his Sensei TAkeda Sokaku) was greater in this techniques, you can understand why he was invincible.

the video : http://www.hikarido.com/video3.avi