word of the day: buffoon

yes Serena
but they are unintentional comedians, such are called buffoons


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Amos Stevens said:
I only watched hit/miss of the awards-but what I did notice is that they seemed to have the winners all sitting towards the front to save time-thus the only name actors to be seen sitting in the front was Clint Eastwood-who unfortantly didn't win.
Also especially during the tributes to the actors that have recently passed away,I found the audience to be rude by their little responses of applaude to actors that were certainly due!

Yes, and after that long list of credits you showed re: "O'Malley", I'm surprised they hadn't included him as one of those who had passed last year.

I think it's about what I observed earlier - Hollywood is all about the YOUNG people now. I'd say a good chunk of the audience had no idea who Gregory Peck was, and when the guy started talking about Atticus Finch, I could almost hear the audience saying, "huh? Who dat?".