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  • Hello Love Nice To Meet You Dear.
    i love ur profile,
    am miss venesaa
    please contact me
    here in my private
    email ok
    Please don't be offended i have more to share with you please write me with my Email ID [] Hope To See You Seen Dear, THANKS Miss Venesaa.
    TDW, long time no message nor chat. How r u ? Is there any way you can add/create the "Unofficial Steven Seagal Forums page to Facebook? :)
    Iam sorry that happened girl i was fiddling around with it deleted it my mistake i smacked my hand so hard iam was so cross i dont have an back up either BUT i do have another in the wind already its called 'The Kiss' some may think its going to be soppy love thing well its going to be far from that ..wait and see iam feeling abit flat tonight as iam still getting over my op some think it was an small op but having any organ taken out aint no picnic ..get alot of pain sometimes still but the doctor said the other organs in my body have to get used of one is missing sounds wierd i know but when you think of it ...thanks for the message TD
    Suzi, I wrote to you every way and haven't heard so maybe my messages aren't getting to you for some reason?
    not bad girl lost an friend few weeks back so close to christmas too other then that you know me iam an tough cookie..all i can say TD is that things will get better in time just rember girl he will always be in your heart..thats the way i look about life when i lose some one.. so what are you doing for christmas?
    I'm better now that you've replied. Good to hear from you. You and the moderators are doing excellent work on this website. Heavenly Father bless you TDWoj for keeping us fans/members at USSF updated and informed of Chief/Sensei/Steven Seagal's continuing successes.
    Thank you, Heather! It was nice to take a day off, even though I wasn't feeling well. Just resting was good enough!
    Hello TDWoj, i want to be your friend my friend.
    Iam from Ranst by Antwerp Belguim and iam a realy great fan from Steven
    Seagal and i now you are that to.
    I hope you acept me , for me is all the fans here my friend,,and i now that you now very much from aikido and you much olso to from Steven Seagal and i thank you for that.
    Suziwong and Greag the are great to,and Suzi is my very best friend to.
    And i anderstand that you have very much work to do ,and i now you have time ,you comes here,and i hope you sent me a message in my post.
    You are a very great friend from me to.
    Lovely kisses xxx from me.
    Here is a special Hug from me to you- (((((X))))) So sorry for your loss. I hope you have lots of sweet memories to hold tight in your heart. Myst
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