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Movies Chinese Salesman - Steven Seagal , Mike Tyson, Janicke Askevold


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I know that like in the film "Ticker" where Tom Sizem.... and Seagal also were not on the set at the same time. So Tyson´s character fights against Seagal´s. Sounds interesting. I haven´t seen the trailer yet because I have given up to watch anything with Seagal nowadays.
I think they were in one scene together....if I remember correctly it was at the elevator door.


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I'll wager Seagal files a lawsuit against the people behind this movie, when he actually gets round to watching it?
I doubt it even gets US distribution so it probably won't matter....what's odd is what makes Tyson so popular in China these days? ....is it because of the IP man film?
Heck I can't even find a review on-line for it even tho' it's been out for 2 months.


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Will this one ever be released on dvd in the US and UK ??
Yes that could be. They screen the movie at the AFM for potential buyers. If a UK or US distributor buys the movie at the AFM there will be a release in that territories.