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Code Of Honor - Steven Seagal, Craig Sheffer (completed)


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Mr Rickert said to me that he is willing to give us some info, but he also signed a contract limiting in what he can say.
We will only hear positive things then, guess they have done this to stop a lot of directors/crew giving their real opinion on what goes on at times.


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Code of Honor Productions, LLC will begin principal photography at the end of February on an independent action/adventure feature, Code of Honor by Los Angeles-based director Michael Winnick, who has shot a film in Utah in the past. GOED approved a maximum tax credit of $291,327, which represents 25 percent of dollars left in the state.
“It’s great to be back in Utah shooting another film,” Winnick said. “The film commission and the crews are so friendly and supportive, and the incentive makes it an easy choice to come here.”
Great info! That means that the production will be spending approximately $1.16M in the state of Utah. I wonder if that includes above-the-line expenses (like talent) or just below-the-line (crew etc.)? Since some states offer tax rebates for above-the-line as well, which means the producers get money back for hiring the big name stars, which is usually the biggest piece of the budget.

Regardless, I think this just proves that the reported budgets of $10M-$15M for these DTV movies are usually bogus. They're produced for much cheaper.


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AJ's wife is also on set. She posted this (refering to the picture above):

Real SWAT guys on set tonight. Of course you know where to find my husband .Just listen for the gunfire and sounds of explosions.
Good development so-far, but that Seagal isn't mentioned or seen could have a lot of reasons. Maybe he got ill? Two weeks ago I was ill, the weather around the globe isn't perfect.

Moreover if he is playing the antagonist, a sniper, his scenes will be random. He will kill his opponents from the distance, without revealing him. Like a ghost. And this efforts no time-consuming scenes.

Another possibility is his real-life police work. Sure he will inform his colleagues that he will shoot another movie, but what if the police superiors say: "We understand you Steven, but we need you here first"?

We can't exclude nothing until the next weeks.
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Please, present your theory, maybe it is better than mine!

You know that this is pure speculation, based on the statement the actors provide on their respective accounts.
Of course I can stop any kind of speculation, but in the case of Seagal, it would mean a full cancellation of my entire activities here.

I am here to talk with other Seagal enthusiasts.


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It's likely that Seagal is only contracted to film for a week or two and will not be on set for the entire shoot. Especially if he's playing the bad guy of the movie.

I suspect he'll have as much screentime as he did in Force of Execution, and this Levy guy will play the lead.