Do you eat meat?


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I know we asked this before at the other board, but do you eat meat? I eat chicken and fish But I am considering giving them up too...I also eat dairy and eggs, how about you?


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I eat meat, chicken, fish, but I eat chicken more often, and like Tora said, I also love milk !!! milk with chocolate... hum... oh boy... that's an orgasm for your tasting.... hehehhehehe :D


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Am a vegeterian ... no meat, fowl or fish. I eat a lot of soy - Boco burgers, tofu, soy milk (chocolate soy milk!), whole grains/legumes/nuts, some eggs (range-fed only) and occasionally a Hogan-Das :D ... I also eat a lot of veggies and fruits, esp fruit smoothies, with wheatgrass powder, lots of curry dishes. One of my fav lunches is five-spice humus with rice cakes, a bowl of berries and bananas, and vegetable soup broth (the kind from the natural food store with no salt, etc) and a cup of hot green tea or herbal tea. Breakfast is Boco breakfast sausage (soy), whole grain cereal or oatmeal, whole grain toast, sometimes scrambled eggs with a little curry and liquid smoke. Liquid smoke is cool because you can mix it with anything, esp beans, or greens, and it gives it just a right flavor (you'd think you're eating a plate of "southern" cooking ... only without the fat and salt bacon.

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mmmm, hummus is yummy, and I love strawberries...We get the soymilk boxes from the korean store, they are really yummy too...


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I am a vegatarian also. I have not seen "nut" cheese in the store, just what is that and where do you get it from? My husband makes the best veggie burgers out of white beans and veggies, I love them! (and him). My Mom made the best liver and onions when I was little, but one day she read an article about how the liver filters the blood of toxins, and that was the end of our liver eatting days! Yuck! Maybe we could exchange some receipes????


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ewwww. I used to eat liver years ago...

Nut cheese is made from ground almonds and or ground cashews and I think there are some good almond milks out there, too...I personally love dairy, but if you are vegan I dunno if they contain caisen (sp?) or not...


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This is a basic recipe (not my recipe found it from Amos's google search) using raw nuts (be sure to take of any skins first)

Nut Cheese

A nut cheese recipe, which can be used with most nuts (cashews are an extremely good choice, and pistachios too!). A word of caution however, brazil nuts, macadamias and pine nuts don't work well with this recipe. Although they are very tasty nuts, for some reason they have a bitter taste when you culture them. I don't know why this is, but know that they all share in common a high fat content, whatever that means. Continue to enjoy them, but as nature gives them to you, not as a nut cheese.
Here's the recipe, which is extremely simple to make. Enjoy!

Raw nut cheese can be made without a dehydrator. It is better for you & tastes better too! The nuts must be raw. Heated nuts will spoil your cheese. Raw nuts ensure only good bacteria grow that make the nut cheese taste great!

1 lb nuts

Put 1 lb. of nuts into your food processor or vitamix. Add purified water to make a thick cream. Spread evenly on bottom of glass baking pan, and cover with cheesecloth or a clean kitchen towel. Let it sit
in the open air 2-3 days, tasting periodically. If it tastes "off" you will need to start again, otherwise it's fine. At the end of this time, put it in a covered container & refrigerate. When it begins to taste pleasantly sharp, it's ready for use. Refrigerated it lasts a long time, continuing to improve in taste.

HINT: Save a small amount. Add it to your next batch to ensure it gets off to a proper start!


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Your info was fine, Amos that's where I found mine! I am not a veggie either since I still eat chicken and fish, and if we have a meat meal I pick it out, or just pass it over...