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Do you own every Seagal movie to date?

Here's my Seagal collection right now. I only want to buy his best movies I can rewatch and there's so many of his films that are honestly so bad I cannot even watch so those are not worth of bying. I still miss The Glimmer Man, Driven to Kill, Force of Execution and Attrition but after those I think my Seagal collection is complete! I wish I would have found more Blu-ray releases though.

Above the Law (Blu-ray)
Hard to Kill (Blu-ray)
Marked for Death (Blu-ray)
Out for Justice (DVD)
Under Siege (Blu-ray)
On Deadly Ground (DVD)
Under Siege 2 (Blu-ray)
Executive Decision (DVD)
Fire Down Below (DVD)
The Patriot (DVD)
Exit Wounds (DVD)
Half Past Dead (Blu-ray)
Out For A Kill (DVD)
Belly of the Beast/Submerged (Blu-ray)
Into the Sun (DVD)
Mercenary for Justice (DVD)
Flight of Fury (DVD)
Urban Justice (DVD)
The Marker (DVD)
The Keeper (Blu-ray)
A Dangerous Man (DVD)
Born to Raise Hell (Blu-ray)
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Under Siege - HD-DVD
Marked For Death - Region 1 DVD
The Glimmer Man - Region 1 DVD
Out For A Kill - Region 1 DVD
Into The Sun - Japanese DVD
Rest are in digital format from iTunes, etc. Had pretty much them all on DVD up to the True Justice releases when i stopped buying them on DVD as there were so many releases. No idea why i still have Out For A Kill, must have got left behind when i got rid of all my DVDs.


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Here is my Seagal collection right now.
I'm gonna buy Attrition soon and maybe Kill Switch just because it does have one of the most brutal Seagal scene ever. (and no, I'm not talking about the window-scene :D)
I think you mean the scene where Seagal keeps hitting the bad guy with a hammer on his knees :)
Ooh right! Yes that waa brutal.

But if you ask me, the most brutal scene is in A Dangerous Man. When some people want to rob Seagal and he ‘fucks them up ugly’, that was brutal!