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Movies Film - General Commander (USA release May 28)

If I knew that General Commander's Blu-ray contains spanish subtitles, I would buy it, but nobody knows it and I can't find a website where they describe its characteristics. Let's see what happens with the Attrition Blu-ray, I hope it contains subtitles in spanish.


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Here in Canada General Commander came out today on Blu ray at Walmart for $14.95ca and it's a factory pressed disc from VVS Films which is a Canadian distributor. It contains English and french language with English and French Subtitles.
Thanks, this must be the cover.



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This is the same as the U.S. cover. I like it - simple and straightforward.
Yeah...no helicopters:)
I mean look at the Attrition cover on the main page....helicopters blowing up a building ...Seagal with some kind of mega gun wearing a skull cap etc......I think it's from one of his other movies....pretty misleading

I wonder what it means by "uncut"? Is anyone aware of different versions?
in Germany many films are censored...by uncut they mean they are getting the version we all get.
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I read that there were four completed chapters of General Commander if it's true there could be a sequel.
Maybe...if there was 4 shot, they edited them into one 90mt movie...that would be 2 full episodes
TV 1 hour episodes are only 45mts...if even that these days.
Heck even some of the Lawman 30mt episodes are only 15mts in length when you take out the ads.
Did you watch GC?
You think anyone could survive that ending?
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If I have seen her and I think she could not survive but if they want to make a sequel, they probably won't give an explanation of how she is still alive.