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Filming of Lawman Cancelled!

Discussion in 'General' started by kayy911, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. kayy911

    kayy911 Member

    Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand invited Kayden Nguyen, a California woman who filed a civil lawsuit claiming that she was held captive at a Jean Lafitte mansion by against actor Steven Seagal in February and treated like a "sex toy" during the filming the television show "Steven Seagal: Lawman," to contact the department and file a criminal complaint during a press conference Wednesday.

    Without it, Normand said his office could not move forward with any type of investigation in the matter, as per a long-standing Sheriff's Office policy. When such allegations arise, Normand said his office always defers to the criminal investigation first before conducting any type of administrative hearing.

    "I will treat Mr. Seagal no differently than any other employee of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. I'm not moved one iota by virture of his being a movie star or the fact that the national media has an interest in this case," Normand said.

    Normand said he also contacted A&E, the network that airs Seagal's reality show based on his with the Sheriff's Office as a reserve deputy, to cancel filming.

    "I informed A&E and ITTV that I did not believe at the present time in lifht of all of this interest and in light of the filing of this particular lawsuit and in light of the disruptive behavior that may end up existing...that I did not think it would be in our best interest to continue filming at the present time," Normand said.

    Nguyen, 23, filed the civil lawsuit (read the lawsuit) Monday in Los Angeles in state Superior Court and accused Seagal, 59, of illegal trafficking of females for sex, sexual harassment, failure to prevent sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination and false representation about employment.

    In the lawsuit, Nguyen said that when hired she was told she would be an executive assistant performing clerical work for Seagal. But she claims she was actually hired to be an "attendant" to the star expected to provide "sex on call to him 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

    Seagal's attorney, Martin Singer, has called Nguyen a disgruntled former employee.

    "I am extremely confident this meritless lawsuit will be dismissed. Ms. Nguyen filed her lawsuit without even notifying Mr. Seagal or his representatives of her alleged claims, because she was aware that claims could be asserted against her based on her own conduct," he said.

    Nguyen's attorney, William Waldo, did not return telephone requests for comment on Wednesday.

  2. marky96

    marky96 Active Member

    It is the right thing to do until the allegations are cleared up, one way or the other.
  3. kayy911

    kayy911 Member

    I think so as well, there is no merit to these claims and the sheriff knows this, and the canceling of the reality show is just a formality.

    ORANGATUANG Wildfire

    What an shamozzle..like every one else he is innocent until proven guilty..hope all this is sorted out iam feeling for his family at this time as well just imagine what they are going through ..best thing i think is to stand by him ..
  5. Pandora

    Pandora Member

    Exactly Heather - innocent until proven guilty.
  6. outforamovie

    outforamovie Member

    the whole storys very depressing and sad..i just hope that things will clear out soon enough
  7. cherokee

    cherokee cherokee

    just dont believe it . anyone tell who he is married to at present not very nice for her cherokee
  8. oldsage

    oldsage oldsage

    rolling my eyes
  9. websterforrest

    websterforrest New Member

    Everything about her claim rings false - from the outside it looks like a complete slander case. What a stupid cow! I hope this doesn't do any damage to Steven's career!
  10. marky96

    marky96 Active Member

    Well let's not forget websterforrest that this 'stupid cow' is a victim of 3 very serious and sustained sexual assaults among other things. She is a victim until proven otherwise, just as Seagal is innocent until proven guilty.

    Personally I don't think that this case rings false at all. All the details of this case sound exactly like the sort of things that would go on in the strange world of Seagal. The not being able to discuss who she was working with even with her family, the having to leave immediately on a plane without having proper time to pack, what Seagal said to her on the plane, the remote location and strange layout of the house and the way activities were conducted within the house. Then there are the even stranger details of the case like the way that Seagal had these two Russian sex slaves, his 'unique physiological reaction' to sexual arousal and the way he chased her from the house with a gun and torchlight. These details just sound too preposterous to be made up. Why not just accuse Seagal of the assault, rather than everything else?

    As for doing damage to Seagal's career, well with the 'indefinite' suspension of filming on Steven Seagal: Lawman, the damage has already started.
  11. websterforrest

    websterforrest New Member

    Hi Mark,

    How do you know what would go on in the strange world of Seagal?

    BTW to me they don't sound preposterous so much as unimaginative and unrealistic.

    I'm not saying I couldn't be wrong or anything - it just sounds like the sort of thing that would be invented by a rather childish mind seeking attention /money /instant publicity.

    Why the hell wouldn't she go to the police if she'd been sexually assaulted? She got in a cab and went downtown to hang out with her friends.

    I just don't buy it.

  12. marky96

    marky96 Active Member

    You are correct websterforrest, I don't know what goes on in the strange world of Seagal. All I know is what is in the press, the rumours from co-stars and directors, stuntmen and producers. Strangely enough these rumors and allegations including sexual misconduct and where there is smoke there is more often than not fire.

    I really don't think that we can say that someone who is alleging sexual assault amongst other complex charges can say that she has a 'rather childish mind seeking attention /money /instant publicity' now can we? If she really set out to get that from the outset then I feel there are many more high profile Hollywood or sports stars she could have targeted. And thank you for backing up my earlier point about the accusations being too unrealistic to have been made up, it is nice to have someone else subscribing to the view that I take. And perhaps she did not go to the police in New Orleans because she knew Seagal was a reserve deputy chief with many years service and friends on the force who would not take the accusations seriously, especially if they had spoken to Seagal themselves. Look at the way Seagal acted two faced, chasing Kayden Nguyen with a gun and flashlight one minute and and then acting normally when speaking with the cab driver who had come to rescue her. A cab driver by the way who did not take her 'downtown to hang out with her friends' but instead had to stop and comfort her because she was so traumatized. She then met her friends who had come to help her escape and who presumably comforted her as she had been 'hysterical' in the cab. When posting on this topic websterforrest you really must read through all the material if you are to make informed posts.

    Personally I do by the accusations.

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