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Half Past Dead dvd release?


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Hi guys...
Is there any new news about the HPD dvd release?
Has anybody confirmed the "Yahoo release-date"?
I would not like to watch my own vcd version anymore, because of it´s poor quality...
:mad: Cman


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My dear british friend...
I remember that someone said HPD might be released earliest April/May on UK.
I do not know if it is theatrical or rentail release?
:D Cman


Smile dammit!

It has to be straight to video on that date. I got a dvd player for
Xmas so i can now enter this century! J Horton, they are quite cheap and a big improvement on videos. In a few years you will not be able to get any movies on video, certainly not new releases anyway. I have watched my local MVC store compress the video section more and more. 3 guesses what is in it's place!


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I ordered to Amazon Half Past Dead and Foreigner !! Yes Cman we will take Foreigner before half past dead !!
Don't worry JHorton...DVD players will be cheapier when they come out with the next version!

Records to Cds
VHS/videos to DVDs

pattern here-called cost the public more money!
Originally posted by Storm
You know Joe Horton is a baddie in Highlander series but i thought it's a coincidence. All the best Jayne.
Storm - I thought it was Joe Dawson... and I thought he was a good guy? Isn't he one of the watchers? He is allowed to watch immortal activities but is not permitted to interfere... although he saves Duncan's life a few times, the mad swine! It's been a while since I watched the Highlander TV series. Wish it would come back on Sky... peace matey!



Smile dammit!
Glimmer he is the leader of the renegade "watchers" that killed the much revered Darius and others.Because they were human their "quickening" was gone forever. He also appeared as the Ahriman demon that tricked McCloud into beheading Richie. I'm sure you know who he is now.Happy new year matey!


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This is Seagal word for word interviewed about HPD. It was shown on the UK top 10 Sky Movies channel

"We had tremendous constraints working on the movie. I think everyone who worked on it did an extraordinary job to come through. We had no budget at all and a lot of amateurs working on this movie from all angles. Hmmm,it was very difficult"

Not very complimentary is it?


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Originally posted by J Horton

Thanks Storm, guess I'll have to save up for next Xmas for a DVD player.
Happy New Year
mmm....you can get a decent DVD player for less than $50 these days...
Mintek(Best Buy) is a decent brand...it'll play DVD's, music CD's, JPGs(images)..VCD,..MP3's...not bad at all........especially if you have a CD burner ...cause you can do all sorts of things with them...I got one(now 2)a couple of months ago for $50 and it's pretty nice.....there's even a firmware patch going around to make it macro & region free.....if your into getting other region DVDs
you could even plug it into your VCR and record ...or at least it gets rid of the annoying fading in & out due to macrovision...gets around RCE also


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I must have been very good boy because Santa brought me recordabe -dvd player.Now I have four player to use.Two of them is macrovision and region free...
Cheapest rw-dvd (not pc) is here abuut 799euro and prizes are going down very fast. I think next summer prizes might be about 250e cheaper ???
:) Cman

Not very complimentary at all, but it explains some of the cuts and editing that was done. The day I saw it there were only five people in the theater. (this was the first week it was out). They had the surround sound turned up for two hundred people. Not too good for someone who prefers country music. LOL

BB Lady


Smile dammit!
We are his fans but he needs 100 fold of people like us or it's straight to video from now on and we know what comes after that.....
I guess everybody's gonna see HPD even before I finally get get to know if it's gonna be released in my country or not...Too many shocks for me at a time.I feel like I'm the whole century behind.