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  • Hello Love Nice To Meet You Dear.
    i love ur profile,
    am miss venesaa
    please contact me
    here in my private
    email ok
    Please don't be offended i have more to share with you please write me with my Email ID [] Hope To See You Seen Dear, THANKS Miss Venesaa.
    Hi Heather hope you are ok take it easy! Not heard from G-Man in a while no. Good to see you Clement. Frogs kick the peas off the plate bad idea! Eat something else lol.
    oh i have my days Storm iam due to have surgery any day i hope i can handle pain but the pain iam in most days i wouldnt wish on my worst enemy ...been waiting nearly two months for an for sure date on this coming tuesday if the doc doesnt tell me i will cut the thing out myself.. so thats it with me and you? have you heard from glimmerman? we do miss him here..
    haha yes he is one smelly little mentally deranged froggy. He would have been a great character for Machete: the insane killer frog who croaks at the end :p
    Ha ha. Good sense of humour there Clement. There is only ONE crazy frog and we all know he is. When i was a kid we used to catch frogs and insert a straw and blow! I'll need a big one for him though lol.
    Je suit un petite grenouille :)

    Just kidding I'm not a frog, or maybe I'm a troll, ahh who knows... hey stormmmm
    "Thanks for everything you have done to clear my good name!! I will never forget that."

    No more than you deserved Anneliese. You are welcome. There are some weird and nasty people out there.
    Hi Storm,how are you, Since I was around I thought I would write a message, talk to you later

    Love Always

    Red Rose
    Maybe they locked him up with all the other crazy frogs. Anti-psychotics are not what they used to be..heh.
    Hi Ann! Thanks for posting Cathleen. I thought that is usually spelt with a K? Anything new at the forum?
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