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Hello everybody..I'm New here :)


New Member
Hello everybody,

My name is Wayne Fonseca, and Steven Segal is one of my favorite action Hero. It is nice to be in the circle of Fans that share the same interest. Hope to hear more from all of you.

With blessing,

Wayne Fonseca
"Do what you can, With what you have, Where you are"


Hi, Wayne. :) Welcome to the forum.
Glad you found your way here, the best site on the internet for Steven Seagal fans.
Take your time looking around--there is a lot of information to be found here.
Enjoy! :)

By the way--This post was moved to the "Introduce Yourself" section of the "Off-Topic" forum. If you lose track of it, explore! :D It will be fun.
"What do we do with our rookies first?"

I'm not an 'old' member (some here are classics though :D) but I think we make them sing the Seagal anthem! Guys must sing like girls and vice versa. :D