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If You Could Ask Seagal One Question What Would It Be?

Isa Marie said:
Ahahahaha Heather...I really like your sense of humor...but...

Be tranquil, he wouldn't kill no one of us !! :D He certainly has another ideas in his mind!! :eek: LOL

Look at his satisfied face!! :D
Yes ! I got an idea !!!
:eek: :D LOL
I know isamarie he has got alot on his mind ..he is always thinking about (us) his lovely girls...back here and he sure has an mischevious look on that face eh?....
I would ask more then one question

Do you like older women, if I'm right your first wife was older ?

Did you have a hair transplant in front between Above the Law and Hard To Kill?

If you ever come to Michigan to visit friends in your home town Lansing please stop in Allegan, small town with a big fan.

I believe Mr. Seagal drive a black hummer am I right Mr. Seagal?
Mr. Seagal please check in with this site, there are so many people that love and admire you, I know your so busy but it would be so nice to know that we are as important to you as you are to us. Thanks Chilly


Potters Clay
Mr. Seagal is like a Lay's potato chip.....How can you ask him just ONE question? :) (Lay's chips are hard to eat just ONE potato chip) Ever see the conmmercials for Lay's?


I Belong To Steven
I think I'd ask him...
"Steven darling, If I beg you nice, would you PLEASE wrap a big red bow around yourself and then let me unwrap you this Christmas?"
I'd really, really, like that, honey, and I think you already know it, too...;)
Hope you love the idea as much as I do, anyway...
Well, a girl can dream, and sigh, I sure am...
And ohhh, how nice it is...
louise21 said:
steven you are a good gye may be one day we will meet and have dinner together
suziwong said:
You mean all together isn't it ?? :D
lmorgan102556 said:
steven i need too talk to you.........please?
Lotussan said:
How about a nice, long massage, eh baby? Ohhh, yesss, gotta love it, SS...;)
How about you and i Steven one on one just for an few minutes so i can find about the real you?...
Now, he is really worried !!! :eek: just confused !!!!
May be is thinking: Ohhh This is hard to chose!!!! Wha do I have to do????? :D:D