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Hi, i just found out about this site on STEVEN SEAGAL
i have all of his movies even the last one PISTOL WHIPPED
a good movie.Can't wait for his next one.I bought his album
and i like the song DON'T YOU CRY this song figured in his
movie INTO THE SUN (one of my favorite movies).

Like you see i'm a big fan of STEVEN SEAGAL.
I,m from Quebec,I'm french forgive my mistakes (if any).
Can't wait to reply with any of you fan of STEVEN SEAGAL.


Hi and welcome to the site "bloodygrim."
I don't mind that you are French!
I'm a Ukrainian Australian married to a Malaysian Chinese Kung Fu master.
He watches Steven Seagal movies for the martial arts, says Steven's martial arts is the best, authentic, except when they put in obvious stunt doubles,
i just enjoy watching Steven seagal full stop, find his aura captivating, he's so spiritual, so talented, so photogenic, love his films, even if some of them are not so great.
You'll enjoy this site, meet many Seagal lovers and enjoy the "hot " discussions, learn a lot , and I also just love Steven's song "don't you Cry! " one of my favourites.
Cheers and Best Wishes,

Mama San

Welcome to the Unoffical Steven Seagal Web Site!!
God bless,
Mama san


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c/o naughty corner
Bonjour Bloodygrim

Welcome to the site. There is lots to learn about Steven on here and some great photos in the gallery.