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Kyokushin Karate or Aikido ??

Kyokushin. I practise that and Sonny Chiba is my favorite actor and martial artist.

But Kyokushin can be the best style of martial arts if you have one of the best instructors that was a top student of Mas Oyama.


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Although you already made your choice I still want to put in a few words for in case other people have the same/similar question.

First of all let me start by saying there is no 'best' martial art.
All martial arts have their pro's and con's.

You must question yourself, what kind of person am I?
- Quiet, to myself
- Outspoken, energetic
- Manically depressed
- stressed out
- Overly relaxed
- athletic
- as athletic as a piece of steel?

Once you defined your character you need to ask yourself, what do I need?
- Boost confidence
- Become more athletic
- Keep to myself
- Relax and tone down my energy?
- get more energy

The you have to look at the different martial arts and think what they would do for you.
- Aikido needs you to be calm and relaxed, you anticipate and react on events, take over control. It's more soft then hard
- Karate boosts your energy and make you pro-reactive, strike first of get hurt, your goal is to prevent. Be quick, fast and hard.
- Judo is people who like to hug eachother.
- Jiu jitsu is a combination of all of the above.
- Tae Kwondo, Wing chun, kung fu, pentjak silat, Krav Maga, Tan sa do are all similar to the idea of karate.

I myself have done Aikido, judo, Tan sa do, Jiu jitsu and kyokishin karate. In retrospect I would say that aikido is my kind of martial art. It's peaceful and yet let's you obtain control in a fight. Once I have control, the fight is over.

You will see that once you make these analyses you will instinctively know which martial art is best for you.

Martial Arts Like Chinese Buffett

Choosing which martial art is good for you is left to what you wish to seek out and find out about yourself. But you must remember as you grow older certain techniques you did when you were 20 doesn't work to well at 40 or 50. As the Black Dragon stated in his book (Ron Van Clief known as the Black Dragon) as you grow older and you may loose speed or powers with your kicks hand techniques as long as you keep your upper body strength strong can still be a effective fighter in a self defense situation anyone reading this and has a copy of the book can read the correct quote but that's the gist of it. I myself after a car accident that damaged my right leg and traumatized the muscle, I have had to gravitate towards such systems as Dim Mak and as of this time Kempo my sense i has modified the training regime to included more hand strikes and only low kicks cross body low front thrust front kick that sort of things. I have had to take the buffet approach take what is useful to me and excel in those techniques. I still do akidio and jujitsu locks and take downs ones that I can use my own strength or the opponents body weight against them. well I hope I get a few replies so later
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Okay so a miracle actualy happend, and I finaly got the money so I can effort Aikido lessons :)
I chose Karate because it was alot cheaper than Aikido, but now that I can effort Aikido I will start my lessons tomorrow morning at 09.30 :)


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Things has taken a little turn, and I'll be training Judo instead. Its alot cheaper and there is a dojo not far from where I live. Both the Aikido and Karate dojo I was considering was to far away, especialy when it comes to winter and the busses are late.
I would personally say that you made the right decision. I used to take Aikido. It's almost wholly useless in a real fight unless your opponent throws himself at you like a crash test dummy (which luckily for Seagal, most of his onscreen opponents do :) ).
Sadly Zangzizhou for the most part is right.Most Aikido schools practice unrealistically,though I have to say Seagal Sensei's school is closest to realistic as most of the Aikido schools are.I dont agree that all of his opponents throw themselves like crash test dummies,but full commitment is one prerequisite for most aiki to work.With Judo,you have the gi to use incase you dont have the timing right you usually can force it.Though I dont recommend it unless youre larger than your opponent.For self defense though you are limited with your techniques especially if weapons and multiple attackers are involved and you dont get much practice dealing with the chaos or fists flying.The advantage is the use of ground work and resisting opponents.Aikido is strong on strategies for dealing with multiple attackers and weapons but weak on dealing with a fighter or resistant opponent.Kyokushinkai is great for becoming more of a weapon,and is quite effective in fighting but slightly less effective for self defense scenarios because of the lack of escalation of force,most defense is offensive and is meant to ko or maim.Not good when dealing with a drunk or less than lethal attack unless you can sweep the opponent and keep him from hitting his head or pull your low kick enough to not damage but keep them from pursuing you.mma is best in fighting situations but weak in self defense because of the oppenings available when weapons prevent themselves and the tendency to get tied up and go to the ground can put you at a disadvantage if multiple opponents are present.I have successfully used 4 aikido techniques in real self defense and failed with 3.I successfully used 5 mma techniques in real fighting but failed with 3 others.
5th dan Aikido,1st dan Unified Martial Arts,amateur mma
It all depends on what you want to learn. Aikido is just throws and joint locks and throws. Karate is kicks and strikes there more just can't remember on the top of my head.
I would suggest kyokushin karate for a first time martial artist. If you’re a first time martial artist kyokushin karate will suite you. Aikido is an amazing style of martial arts. You need lots of concentration and skills to engage in Aikido. Aikido techniques will suite you if you have any past experience with martial art techniques. If not it is really risky.