List of all unmade Steven Seagal movies


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Hi guys,

I'm hosting a german spoken actionfilm podcast called ACTIONKULT. With my Co-Host Jan we are talking through the full career of Seagal. Each movie gets an episode, so far we spoke in depth about Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Marked for Death, Under Siege, On Deadly Ground and Under Siege 2. As you can see, we are doing that chronologically and it will take us several years to finish the project (at the moment, once we reach Beyond the Law).

Now we are planning a special episode on the Seagal-Movies that never happened.
I've searched the forum quiet a lot and wrote a good bunch of titles down, but I just wanna make sure we don't forget a single one of those unmade gems.

Can you guys maybe drop here the titles you still remember that have been in the making once/rumours have been out there?

Many thanks
JC :)


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dont know about unmade films but he was gonna star in both demoltion man(the stallone role) and drop zone(snipes role)
he turned down drop zone for on deadly ground


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Blood on the Moon
Prince of Pistols
Genghis Khan
Smash and Grab
Secret Smile (Dean Semler was apparently attached to direct at one point)
Untitled David Zucker movie (
Cypher (
The Tip of the Spear (Keoni Waxman movie,
The Swordsman
Paid on Death (
Gunfighter (which turned into "Disturbing the Peace" with Guy Pearce)
Deadly Arsenal (with Dolph Lundgren)
Four Towers
Several other unmade Keoni Waxman projects, including True Justice season 3
Also after "Attrition" he planned to make more movies in Thailand which sadly never happened

Certainly there are even more...

"Blood on the Moon" could have been very interesting (and probably better than the movie "The Patriot" we got instead). Also would have loved to see the David Zucker movie as I'm a fan of his movies.