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Martial Artist Scott Adkins interviewed Seagal


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Scott Adkins interviewed a lot of martial artists in the last couple of weeks during the pandemic.

His show is called "The Art of Action". You can watch the episodes on YouTube. Every interview takes 1 hour.

Scott posted a trailer that his next interview will be with Seagal.

Today he posted his interview with Jeff Speakman, so Seagal´s interview will be on YouTube next Tuesday.

You can already watch the trailer on YouTube.



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This is really great! Scott is doing a great thing with these interviews. Never expected Seagal to do this. I guess he has respect for Adkins as a martial artist.
Hopefully this will be good. I watched the Dolph Lundgren one the other night in bed when I couldn't sleep and really enjoyed it. Hopefully Seagal opens up and isn't moody or anything. Will defo watch when it is out!
Did anyone watch it if so what are your thoughts ? I watched it & I thought it was an amazing interview and I loved seagal in this honestly I feel like it was perfect
A pleasant listen/watch. Steve is certainly at his most humble here.
I see "Attrition" looks easier to get one's hands on now, just looking at Ebay now, I will have to pick it up. Unsurprisingly it's only project mentioned post "Exit Wounds." Surprisingly, "On Deadly Ground" doesn't get a mention.


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To be Honest: I was very shocked because of that Interview. Realy Big Fan of Steven - and a big Fan of Scott. I loved the Art of Action Series and i enjoyed every Interview he made....so i was very excited when i read that Steven will join the show and i pray that Steven will have Fun and is in good mood....
But it was the worst interview from the series....Steven was unfriendly , defintely takes him way to serious and just not a good guy to interview....to bad, could have been a real chance to proof "Hey Seagal isnt that A** a lot of people talk about"....

Watch it and maybe afterwards watch any other interview (Lundgren for example) and you will see what i mean.

Sorry for my bad English by the way!

Fun Fact: Steven told Scott that he always work with "his" Action Crew (What is wrong), and told him the Stunt Guys from Attrition where borought from Donny Yen (What is wrong too, cause these Guys are from Germany - i know 2 of them)....maybe Steven is in his own reality again...."My fights never speed up! Its allways my Speed!".....
What on earth are you talking about seagal was extremely happy and humble in this interview did you expect him to stand up and start dancing? You gave to realize and know when seagal is in a good mood at this was a really good interview in my OP

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Seagal was a lot more laid-back here (still a little bit of ego creeping in) but mostly humble.
It probably helps that Adkins in a legit martial artist (so can relate to most of the stuff Seagal is saying) plus the fact that there wasn't any 'leading' provocative questions being asked (which usually bring out the loud-mouth in Seagal)
Ask positive questions....get positive answers, I guess?

Although, Adkins (jokingly) asking Seagal to give him a 'heads-up' during choreography, should they ever work together....likely shoots down the (casting) rumour of 'Primary Target' :confused:
Gonna grab a beer and give this a watch now :)

So I watched it last night. Wasn't that interesting, really. I love one of his first answers how he said he'd be briefer than brief and started waffling on some tangent and I was sat there groaning. Plus I thought some of his answers were a little awkwardly short, just "yeah" a lot and then silence. I guess it's how he is and maybe gets bored of telling the same old stuff. Still, nice to see and better than nothing! I hold out no hope of him making another film at all, but the fact he mentioned wishing to make a Western, well, that would be amazing to see, something very different!
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Steven seems to be a bit more open and easy going than usual here, but the self-boasting is still going on as usual. Come on now, let's be honest.

Anyway, I am wondering: do the folks Scott interviews get paid for this? Anybody know?

lee nicholson

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Anyway, I am wondering: do the folks Scott interviews get paid for this? Anybody know?
Given the lockdown, I'd say they'd all be happy for the publicity (plus, despite having hundreds of thousands (if not millions) views or subscriptions, I'm not sure how much money YouTube videos can make for the uploader/creator?) ....I've never bothered monetizing my own YT stuff....I can't see it being that much?
So perhaps it's just a well intentioned labour of love for all concerned?


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Saw it and will re see it again. Adkins as an interviewer of Seagal was impressive. Admirable of Scott to not follow suit of past interviewers pitting Steven with other martial artists. Glad he was honorable with acknowledging Seagal's convincing theatrics on film. Never knew Steven broke his leg on Exit Wounds ouch !