Me too, Suzi, my little friend!


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Originally posted by kickingbird
Hi All!
Looking good here! Looking real good!
In Oneness and Peace
p.s. photo courtesy of my son - sunrise in Kansas

Dear Kickingbird,

Welcome to the New Board !!!!!!!! I am very happy to see you !!
Thank you very much for you and your son for this beautiful gift ..



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Thanks all for the welcome and the words ... and glad to share the sunrise with you all. My son specializes in sunrise/sunset photos.
For those of you who might be scarce here during the holidays, have a good holiday! And for those of you who'll be here often, you too! :)

In Oneness and Peace


Smile dammit!
Beautiful photo. I will put a thread in on some of the sights in this wondrous world we live in some time.