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'Mercy Flight'

So much for all going well iam pissed off with my arts teacher he gave us an exam to do about Egyptian artwork and i thought i did well just goes to show that there are favourites even in adult school...i call them 'suck ups' any way out of an score of 20 i only got 13 which is not acceptable ..as for this story it will still be going ahead dont give up on my just because it may be later then expected it will be worth the wait..thanks..
'Mercy Flight' by Heather.K.Crisp (Orangatuang)...

It was like any other day not much happening in this small town every one going about there business ..Dr. Jakki Helton was an well liked doctor she didnt have any enemies as such just an pig headed mayor she had to deal with from time to time and being an male he had to be always right..

The town only has about 1,100 in it and its called 'Shargon' it has an town hall, police station, grocery stores, post office, school and of course the hospital..
In which Jakki is head doctor she has been for the past 5 years and she has earnt the respect of the town folk..She is an single woman (loves it that way) married once her ex was an dead beat always screwing anything in an dress -no kids and in her mid 40's..she is an happy go lucky girl most of the time just dont piss her off just an word of warning..

On this day it was just like the others fed her cat, had her shower, had brekkie , as she was diabetic and had to take tablets ..she got in her nice new mini minor and off to work she went but got stuck at the lights an who should pull up beside her but Noel Vang she said 'what did they let you off the leash did they?' and he just smiled and drove off against the red lights just typical of him only thought of him self no one else..

Noel Vang the mayor he has an child an little girl whom he hasnt got the time for he says iam too busy his girlfriend Myst takes her to places and makes sure she does her home work etc..what sort of father is that ?..an selfish one thats what..(t.b.c)
I had an little brain fade i 'forgot' yes 'forgot' the guys whom they are playing ...had to check ..

Jakki was lucky to have such an great bunch of people to work with they all were hard working no nonsense kind of people ..being all friends make it alot better as but dont get it wrong they do have there moments..when it comes to medical matters ..

Jakki's friends are Nurse Grace Burton,Nurse Louise Preston, and the matron Opal Downes she is sometimes very hard nosed but isnt all matrons...
As Jakki went to park her car in her pozzie (park) there was another car there and she could see whom it belonged too so she called the local towing service ..

When Noel came out to get his car it wasnt there and he asked where it was and Jakki said'its been towed' and he said 'girl you just love pushing my buttons dont you" "yes' she said 'well one day you will press the wrong one'...

Her friend said 'you know that people that are always at each others throat really love each other ' and where did you get that from'asked Jakki ...and Grace just said'its an old wives tale' ...

As the day rolled on an guy came into the hospital screaming some one help my daughter she was limp in his arms and of cause her father was frantic not knowing what was wrong with her Jakki paged Opal and she quickly paged Grace and Louise they got an emergency room quickly available and got the little girl stable so they could get into getting blood and making sure she was comftable her father wasnt going to leave her side thats how it should be at least he cared not like other fathers..whom we wont mention..
It was going to be at least 24hours before any results were in so Jakki got an cot put in the room so he could be with his child and she went home as she knew some one would keep an eye on the liitle girl 24/7..
When she got back the next afternoon she took an look at the results and found very weird readings it said the little girl had an cancer virus that was just destroying all her good cells now she asked the girls father 'had she drank any dirty water' but he said that 'the only water she drank was from an stream where we were camping near' Jakki knew she had to call in some help so she rang Dr.Mark Haworth he is an scientist..(t.b.c)
Mark Haworth was an very well known scientist and had known Jakki for an few years so when he gets an call from her he knows its serious..Mark called up one of his top notch male nurses by the name of Brian Desai he had worked with Mark on cases like this before ..
Mark rang Jakki and told her that he and Brian were on there way to her small town this is what Mark classed as an 'mercy flight' he should have been there yesterday..

He was there within 3 hours and Jakki was at the old airstrip to pick them up she was glad to see her old friend again it had been sometime..

She explained all the symptoms to Mark and even he looked abit stumped when they got back to the hospital the father of the little girl had just got off the phone to his wife just keeping her up to date at what was happening.

When they got back to the hospital Jakki gave them the address so that Mark and Brian could go see the them and to get them to get off there big fat caboose and do some thing about it before otheres become sick as the town folk also fished and drank from it ...(t.b.c)

Mark wanted to talk to the father so he could get his story too Mark asked ' has any one else of your family drank from the stream' and the father said no..he did have an other daughter as well as the sick little one but she hasnt drank from the stream or his wife all they would have been all in the same boat..

Any way Mark asked the father to take him and Brian to the camp site so that they can take samples of the water and when they got there an very light film of sludge had formed and of cause they take an sample of that as well..the next stop was to contact the sheriff so off they went back to the hospital ..
Just out of interest i would love to hear som ecomments on my stories you know?..dont be shy i wont chew your head off ..well much?..any suggestions or what ever ?..ohh if you want to be in any of them just give me an 'oi' ok?..this will be the last one till next year ..
When the sheriff and the deputy did arrive they seemed smug in there ways treating Mark and Brian like second class citizens ..Any way with all ther smart ass-ness out of the road Mark said ' you have some problems with the water in an local stream' and Ballueu said' and you have proof of this' 'yes' said Mark..'if you would like to go down to the hospital there is an very sick child ' 'and why were we not told of this earlier 'Balleu asked..Mark said 'it's som ething you just dont blurt out' any way they all went down to the mayor's home and Jakki was notified to met Mark there ..

Jose De Costa answered the door and asked 'what do you want you know sunday is family time for Noel and his child /woman' Mark said 'well he is going to have to put it on hold isnt he?'

They all sat down and everything was explained to Noel and being the type of guy he is he always had excuses ..and Jakki said' Iam sorry Noel but iam allergic to bull-sh.it'

Noel's girlfriend walked in and made an scene just because it stuffed up there day ..and getting in Jakki's face wasnt an good idea on her best day you just didnt do that thats if you wanted to walk out of where you were...and Mark was getting quiet pissed at Noel as he was thinking about wether he should get off his butt and get down to the hospital..
Noel said ' ok just to keep the peace ' Myst wasnt pleased with that but sh.it happens..he grabbed his coat and all headed to the hospital Jakki phoned ahead to let them know whom was coming..she couldnt hear an pin drop when she told Grace and she had to get the father so he can confirm what Mark and them had told him..

When they had arrived at the hospital the girls father was waiting in an room so they could all talk Noel was most of the time being pig headed and couldnt be more stupid in not registering what was happening he must have had his brain in his pants ....

Any way they had to put the little girl into an induced coma so that they could do an trail cure on her and of course her father gave them the permission she was either going to live or die?

Now you got to know Noel was an scoundrel some times and if he had to tred on peoples hearts to get his jollies he would and to get what he wanted at any cost too..Noel got an phone call from myst amd she seemed frantic she said that she couldnt wake his daughter there was an ambulance there with in minutes and of course when it got to the hospital he was waiting ..

They rushed her through to the emergency room so Grace and all the others could work on her ..
Mark asked Noel 'has she been drinking any of that water from the stream' 'no' said Noel..'and how do you know that ? you dont seem to have the time for her just your work and woman" Jakki said ' she is your daughter be an father for once in your life'..

It didnt take an genius to work it out but Noel knew he had to make some sort of statement to his town folf and it had to be now..(t.b.c)..
The conclusion to this one will be here over the weekend then thats it till next year...this is an short one compared to some i have written ..
As of tommorrow i wil be putting the final touches on this story ..nothing earth shattering not like the others this one has been quiet 'Bland'...but iam running out of my 'writing mojo' so you get what you get ..
Ok now for the ending...

Noel got hold of the sheriff and arranged an meeting with the press can do the right thing and be an man and tell the people what was happening ..
Roy was even surprised by his change of heart maybe because his daughter being so sick or hell maybe he knew he could be hung by the short and curlies if he didnt do the right thing..

The word soon got around that the mayor was having an press meeting and its only natural the people wanted to know whats up?..

Jakki was shocked when she got an phone call from him asking her to say an few words about the matter and also Mark and Brian also had an few things to say so that the people were not kept in the dark any longer it shouldnt have been held from them to start with ..

So they put it all to an vote and Mark got the job even though he was an complete stranger to them he seemed to care about them and there way of life..

After all was said and done the people were pissed of course because he was to pig headed to tell them and they had put in an petition for an new mayor which he knew was going to happen no way would they trust him ever again with the safety of the town..
Sh.it sh.it..(whoopsss)..

They all put it to an vote and Mark got the job he seemed to care about an town and they people and has the compassion to continue that were all Noel cared about was him self..
So Noel stayed on as just an citizen and was treated like one ...as for Jakki she is still working her butt off and Brian is still doing his job and of course asking for Marks help now and then and all ended well thanks to doctors who knew where they heart was..not in there hip pocket..THE END..

Thats it folks..I would like to wish all here that read my stories and the odd poem an very happy christmas and an safe one and i will be back writing next year ..if you want me too..


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Hey goodnight Heather,

I'll read this story tomorrow in pieces! ;)

I'll give my feelings and opinions about it! But they will sure be positive! ;)

take care Heather

Much PEACE and LOVE, Take-Sensei!