Message From Idahoaikidoman !!


Smile dammit!
Cheers Suzi. I'm not always a gent but i do respect women.
On an isue that comes up a lot here this is the latest on the return of the old place----


"Hello. Sorry we have taken so long for all this to happen. I don't know who this Idaho dojo or person is but they don't know what they are talking about. To be truthful I don't know the date we will be back on. This is because we are waiting for other people. I can say that the site will be different and I do beleive everyone will like it.\
Steven wants his website and loves his fans. We want to bring you all something great and in doing so we found it's taking some time. I know it has been a long time but I ask for your patience just a little longer. " Thank you, Jaime

I'm sure Jaime will not mind me letting you all know. I told him i am still none the wiser but to e mail me when he knows something. If he does give me news i'll pass it on here.


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Dear Storm,
Believe me you are gentlemen every time !!

Thank you very much for Jaime's mail!!

" Steven ........loves his fans." Will see !!

"..This is because we are waiting for other people" Who are they waiting for ??? !!

It is not important that the offical site is open or not for me !! But I am very happy with this site !!

thank you again Storm

Mama San

I do know that Jaime is a lot closer to the stuation than
any of the rest of us!
God bless,
Mama san