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Other Message From the Mr. Steven Seagal !!!

pantera said:
yes i do. I'm blew belt in judo
I did self defense and karate.
Since the beginning of september, i practice aikido. I prefer this philosophy than the one of judo and karate.

Fantastic Pantera! I encourage Martial Arts for anybody especially woman, keep up the hard work!
Disco Man said:
Does any guys or girls here actually do Aikido?

What's the latest news of Steven Seagal?

I used to take Ki-Aikido but stopped because I didn't feel the instructor was that great. After college I want to live in Japan to study Aikido and Kyukoshin Karate.
lmorgan102556 said:
I Have Avery Bad Back But I Would Like To Try Martial Arts......ijust Wonder Do They Have Any Thing For People With Bad Backs.
Y don't you try Tai Chi...

Tai Chi is based upon Qigong and Taoist principles. This system is particularly effective for healing, strength, power and disease prevention. Training is presented on several different levels, emphasizing structural integration as a foundation for energetic development and martial applications. Tai Chi Classes include exercises that stretch and tone the body through internal training.

Studied TaeKwonDo and Hapkido extensively but not attending formal classes at the moment, mainly because of time restraints; however, I do try to practice whenever I can. Also explored Aikido for a time, which is similar to Hapkido. I fell on the ice three years ago and have to be careful not to misalign my spine and hips (or I can't move ...) so workouts are limited. I've found the mental and spiritual benefits from martial arts are life-long. There are always opportunities to challenge oneself in the arena of life, to overcome weaknesses and difficulty with the same concentration and determination one attains from serious study of martial arts. There really isn't any difference between gender in the martial arts; strength can be outwitted with technique and cunning - there are "no women or men in martial arts - only students". As one instructor told a "meek" woman as she first entered Black Belt Classes "you no longer woman, you Black Belt!" (with best Korean English).
"There is no weapon stronger than a disciplined mind"
Thanks Suzy and i hope that Steven Seagal talk whit is fans here,
all his fans wheating so long that he comes here my friend.
And thank you for your great information.
Happy birthday steven seagal

Though he, is never going to know you personally and in my heart always have a place where . - though the thousands of kilometres that separate us do not leave me to know really as eres. - today with the whole love that i have i wish to spend(pass) one very but very happy birthday, every 10 give april i remember with all my love. - happy birthday steven seagal. - a long life to the most special being of my heart. - patricia.-
Thanks huge! So it is pleasant to look at a photo and messages of admirers, Mrs. Suzi! Thanks for your activity, Mr. Seagal! Without you we would not know Aikido and simply, pleasantly at you to look, how on the actor!!