New Book on Seagal!


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Vern is awesome - I check his site once a week - his movie reviews contain some of the funniest rants I've ever read!


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Here is the press release from Vern.


SEATTLE, WA, -- More than 5 years in the making, the new book SEAGALOGY
by Vern is the first serious analysis of the films of Steven Seagal.
Using his trademark sense of humor (but none of the condescending irony
so often used to denigrate action cinema) the self-proclaimed "outlaw
film critic" Vern delivers an in-depth study and a sincere celebration
of the world's only aikido instructor turned movie
star/director/writer/bluesman. The book explores the developing motifs and personal themes
of Seagalogy throughout over 30 films, from the gritty street violence
of ABOVE THE LAW through the crazed environmental epic ON DEADLY GROUND,
bizarre direct-to-video efforts like OUT FOR A KILL and guest
appearances like the Korean film CLEMENTINE and the Billy Crystal comedy MY
GIANT. It also finds the thematic links between those films, Seagal's two
albums, various TV appearances, commercials, and even his all natural
energy drink, Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt.

As a frequent writer for Ain't It Cool News, Vern has gained notoriety
for his unorthodox reviewing style and his expertise in "the films of
Badass Cinema." His review of the slasher movie CHAOS earned him a
wrestling challenge from its director; his explosive essay on the PG-13
rating of LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD prompted Bruce Willis himself to walk
barefoot across the broken glass of movie nerd message boards to respond.
Vern is the winner of the 2001 Cinemarati award for Best Movie-Related
Site. Guillermo Del Toro, the director of PAN'S LABYRINTH, called Vern "a
national treasure."

For an introduction to SEAGALOGY, Vern turned to David Gordon Green,
who turned out to be a long-time Seagalogist in his own right. In
addition to enjoying ABOVE THE LAW Green is the acclaimed director of GEORGE
WASHINGTON, ALL THE REAL GIRLS and the upcoming Seth Rogen action comedy

Fiercely independent and self sufficient in the mold of Billy Jack or
Dolemite, SEAGALOGY is Vern's second self-published book after 2004's
review collection 5 ON THE OUTSIDE.

The book can be purchased or downloaded at

for more information contact Vern:


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Nassau Mike;179417 said:
Is this gonna be on anytime soon?

No, Mike, unfortunately Seagalology will not be on Amazon. Or at least it's not expected to be. Vern is selling it from his link on since it's not being backed by a distributor and/or publisher.
seagalfan128;179446 said:
No, Mike, unfortunately Seagalology will not be on Amazon. Or at least it's not expected to be. Vern is selling it from his link on since it's not being backed by a distributor and/or publisher.

Ah well, thanks anyway. I guess I will have to order it from his site then. I like Vern and most of his reviews. He is a very good action movie critic and a big fan of Seagal.


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Well, I have just purchased a hard copy of the book from and I am looking forward to it. I have been waiting for a book on Seagal, and at last someone has taken the time and effort to do what appears to be a pretty decent job. I am familiar with Vern's reviews, and I appreciated the fact that, although he has an excellent sense of humor, he is very respectful of Seagal. In fact, Seagals official site which existed prior to the present one, actually had his Seattle concert review posted on the site, which was a most excellent review. Thanks Vern.


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Hopefully this will arrive soon as I can't wait to read it. What I like most about Vern's reviews of Seagal movies is that he could very easily make fun of Steven if he wanted, and most reviewers do (I'm guilty of it myself, on occasion). As bad as a movie is (I'm looking at you, Attack Force!), he doesn't laugh AT Steven. And even when he tears a film a new a**hole, he still makes you want to see it.


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Has anyone who's ordered a copy received theirs yet? Mine was sent off on the 24th of October (I'm in Australia) so it should be arriving any day now...fingers crossed! Looking forward to reading this cover to cover as soon as it arrives.


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Got my copy today and it's well worth getting. Haven't read the whole thing yet but I've read a number of chapters and it exceeded my already high expectations. The bulk of the book is made up of film reviews with a few brief interludes dealing with Steven's appearance in My Giant, his two CDs and his Lightning Bolt energy drink. There's a lot more as well, and it's all written in Vern's uniquely entertaining style.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. No fan of Steven Seagal should be without a copy.


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I've just downloaded a copy (and I've managed to find where my computer saved it to so today is a good day!) Can't wait to curl up and have a giggle reading it.