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  • sorry honey yes i know what its like get your heart broken ..iam here for you Tina .. i have an little saying friends are hard to find--and even harder to forget..xx
    really good Tina really good.. its going to be an stinker weather wise here all week ..is it cold there ? care to swap..
    Hi lovely girl long time no see.. oh its ok now i know whats going on inside my body i shall have it all fixed soon..send you an p/m later.. abit tired now xx
    Aint that the truth Anneliese talk about missing in action..hi Tina how is it going girl? nice to see you here..
    You are welcome Tina!! Good to hear that you had a lovely day!!

    Missed you!! Don't see you much on here anymore. Seems like the whole gang wandered off somewhere!!
    you can find me either as Donald Lee Wilkey. Bemidji, MN on Facebook
    or here's my email address: donaldwilkey@hotmail.com
    Hi teaspoons,how are you?Well, I am still alive. I joined to the Movement of Buthidars, as leader of Greater London. I kindly invite you, have a look (Katalin965@kindnesstoall.ning.com)and sign up as my friend if you are a devotee of friendship and unconditional love. xxx Kat
    There are 4 Tina's to select from, but i don't see your email added with any of these Facebook profiles of Tina Wainwright???
    I tried to find the right Tina Wainwright', but apparently I've been selecting the wrong Tina's at FACEBOOK.COM to add as a friend. Help me TSpoons ? There's like 4 different Tina Wainwrights to choose from
    hi tspoons ,how are you,i hope fine .
    Your fotoschoot is great ,,you looking very good.
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