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Other one more lawsuite, from Germany this time!

Mama San

He's done what he needed to do! He filed charges against them!Not all stars will file charges. They will pay rather go up against these perverted morons! Pay and pay and pay!! That gets old rather quickly! It also gets expensive!!
Of course he's in danger! Anyone who has to deal with these "people", and I used that term loosely, is in danger! But where does it stop? One either hides somewhere in the dark or they stands their ground! Easy to say, not so easy to do!!
Yes, they frightened him, good heavens he's human!
Aikido is great for hand to hand and Steven is quite capable of handling himself under those circumstances! But a rifle shot from 1000 or more yards away? Aikido isn't any help at all! I'm sure that Steven has thought about that more than once!
I pray for his safety! Like him, I just wish it was over and done with! Then he could get back to living the way he wants to and get down to the business of making movies! That's where he belongs, without any fear for his safety!
God bless,
Mama san
Even in our little republic were are people ,who
can take care about this problem before shooting.
Seagal should think about it-about his own and his
family safity.

I don't understand at all people-who want to say
something by help of bullet.:mad:


Staff member
Yes, I am sad too !! Yes he's seriously in danger !! What will this end up ??? We are praying for him and his family !! Bad tooooooooooooooooo badddd !! Tooooooo bad !! by the way
I agree with you Casey !! You are right !!
God Bless
Let's hope it all works out for the good. People can be so "bad" on the road to building up themselves at the expense of others. Hopefully those who are causing the trouble/threats, etc. meet with their "what goes around comes around". Life's too precious to fill it with such stuff.
Having ducked bullets, I have to be very scared for him. I respect his standing up for what is right. I think if he gave in and paid he'd encourage more threats. People follow up when threats work the first time.:(
I wonder why he is involved with trouble all the time !
I am really sorry to read such news about him. But there is a Turkish saying, I will now try to translate
" There wouldn't be any smoke if there was no fire"
I hope he does get rid of these kind of problems so that we can get rid of our worries.:confused:

Mama San

"......I hope he does get rid of these kind of problems so that we can get rid of our worries....."

Excellant point, Savadee!
God bless,
Mama san
I knew this news for a while now (it's from January actually), but didn't know it hasn't made it's way to this board - otherwise I would have told you. I read it on a German movie-page. It's a shame, I am very disappointed! I only hope that Steven is aware that he has still some friendly mates here in Germany who admire him and that not all Germans are THAT fu..ed up!!!!
Hahaha... I read about this ages ago. I wonder what sort of damage he caused in the house? Yellowed wallpaper due to burning too much incense maybe? Perhaps he blocked the sink with brylcreemed pony-tail hairs...

Glimmer Mad


I Belong To Steven
Anyone heard what the outcome was? Wasn't Seagal the one doing the suing anyway? His crew probably were the ones that did all the damage...