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Other one more lawsuite, from Germany this time!


Staff member
Oowwww !! Lotus good choise !!
Do you know I thought the same picture for my signature today and after I changed my mind !! and you used !!!! this is very interesting !! :) I like this picture !!

in oneness


Staff member
Thank you Aggie !! We are fine !! War is going on !! We are watching from the TV everyday and night!! I am very sad because too many people (soldiers, children etc.) dead!!
and I am praying it would be over soon !
God Bless


I Belong To Steven
Yes, Suzi!

Agreed a good choice of photos, and great choice of a man, (ooooh baby! ;)) He is like no other, wow he is amazing, huh, huh, huh? :D