Order of Friendship Award - May 30th, 2024


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Message from Mrs Elle Seagal

Yesterday (May 30th, 2024), my husband received the highest state award "Order of Friendship" from President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin Palace. This medal is awarded to those who have worked diligently for world peace and security and made valuable contributions to the improvement of international relations.

A person who sincerely prays, strives, and directs his actions for the peace of the motherland, no mourning, no wars. 10 years before former US Vice President Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2007 for his film on global warming and climate change.
#OnDeadlyGround, called #Firedownbelow

The fact that he has already created two feature films proves that he is an ordinary person who always looks to the future and walks a few steps ahead of his time. He truly appreciates and respects the people of the world for enlightening the people of the world through philosophy, culture, cinematography, martial arts, humanitarian and diplomatic work, and devoting himself to the unity and welfare of the world.

By combining martial arts with Buddhist philosophy, he has balanced his body, language, and mind, inculcated endurance and enlightenment, and became a humanitarian ambassador leading the people of today, spreading love, faith, courage, and unity to millions of people around the world. May all my deeds be good and every line be white!
Steven Seagal



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