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Out For A Kill

I think the plot and acting was very lame. The film was really boring but not as boring as Belly Of The Beast in my opinion. The action scenes were pretty descent, I was very pleased to see Seagal perforom a kotegaeshi and irimi nage with no wires, that was a nice sight to see. I thought the fight scenes were very climatic not the best but just had good cinematography therefore that is the only reason why Out For A Kill is rated a 3.

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars.


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i liked out for a kill.....it was a lot better then the previous movie i watched....into the sun....the acting was a lot better the fighting was...he used gun/s swords and his martial arts...very good movie...sure not his best but it was pretty good for his latest movies...could of brightened it up a bit and shouldnt of made segal so invicible...i think only once was he eva in trouble and that was when the fire almost got him...a bit dull movie 2 as in should of made it a lot lighter...also u could tell it was on a cheap budget some of the scenes looked very fake
Great fights!

kat said:
I watched OFK for the second time . I really did like his fighting scenes!!! I really liked the movie. Of course I love every movie he is in! Just to see him is enough for me.......hugs, kat

Ye I thought the fighting scenes were great as well Kat! I think that is what made the film good, was those really diverse fighting scenes!
Watched it last night, the story is old, the acting is terrible but, the fight scenes are watchable, they had a nice Hong Kong style flavour to them which I kinda dug, the best sequence by far was when he fought the crazy monkey man, it reminded me so much of all those crazy wire-fu movies I know and love.
OUT FOR A KILL. The fight in the funeral parlor is the best fight I've seen in a Seagal movie for a while (I'm watching all his movies from TICKER onwards for the first time AND in chronological order for those who may not know).

The fight in the barber shop, with the guy who looks like he failed the audition for "Toad" in the first X-MEN movie, relies a little too much on wire work, and obvious wire work at that.

The script is a mess. Scenes occur for no reason (what was the fellow American in the prison at the start all about? It went nowhere) and the film seems disjointed. Almost as if Steven days on the film finished before they got all the scenes they needed him for shot.

The editing is more of that annoying speed-ramping, a technique already out of date and over-used. Also, at one point during the simply thrown-in car chase, Seagal changes sides in the car seat at least four times!

Good fight scenes. Daft script. Slack direction.

Next up for me: BELLY OF THE BEAST
My review

This movie I personally consider as one of Steven's worst. The story is not very good, very common about a revenge after the death of a member of family. Fights are shot in the Hong Kong style, which I personally don't like very much. But there is quite a lot of action scenes, so in this way it is not that bad. Overall this is only an under-average action movie, for me 40%.