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Originally posted by Craig Robertson
Review it here once released.


Yeah....I was popping around the board looking for posts on "OFAK".....but all I was finding was Genghis Khan,The Rescue,The Package,Belly of the Beast,etc.....I thought OFAK was due out this month wasn't it......???????
May 2003........
I think it's probably fair to say it'll be along the lines of The Foreignor when released......meaning budget and editing-wise.
Has anybody seen OFAK available for pre-release purchase?


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I'm sorry to say it, but this film is abysmal! Hahahaha! Read on if you dare! From watching the trailer, my expectations of this movie were high, but it was as I had feared - the trailer contains all the best bits of the movie nicely packaged together to make the film look far better than it actually is. The first thing that annoyed me about it was the STUPID ******* computerised noises which seemed to signify the name of a location appearing on the screen. Trouble was, the name of the location didn't always appear on the screen, so you hear this stupid noise and wonder what the hell it is! Secondly, when the location name appeared on the screen, that is exactly what it did - 'appeared' on the screen making no attempt to follow in time to the computerised noise. Maddening.

The next thing that annoyed me was the incredibly gay introductions to the bad guys! It was as if the director had watched a Guy Richie film the previous day and stuck in his own version of how to introduce the bad guys. Seriously... the bad guys are all sitting around a table with the head dude at the, er, head of the table, and he introduces each one of them in turn and you see a still shot in black and white of each bad guy while that stupid computerised noise comes on and text telling you about the character appears on the screen. Except that the text says the most pointless, ridiculous sh*t like: "has a penchant for French restaurants"... like - who gives a ****, man! Just get on with the film.

And that was the worst thing about it - he DID get on with the film! And the film itself was a load of badly put together garbled sh*te with bad acting and terrible dialogue. Michael Oblowitz couldn't tell a decent story if his life depended on it and the film just seemed to me to be an excuse to showcase Seagal's martial arts talents as it jumped from one improbable scene to the next as he took out the bad guys one by one in various locations. It's not all bad and this is not a criticism of Steven Seagal - in fact, he was the best thing about the film. My criticism is aimed directly at the guy who made this movie, which could have been a LOT better. I paid him 20 quid for it and it is pure trash. I am not in the slightest bit surprised that it went straight to DVD.

It wasn't all bad though - and like I said, the best thing about it was Seagal. The swordfight sequence in the funeral parlour was, like I said yesterday - one of the best I have seen. It was awesome! The rest of the fight scenes were good also with less of Seagal's stunt double doung the work for him. However, there was a totally ridiculous shot of Seagal when he was in the Chinese prison - the shot was from his chained ankles and he was wearing a blue boiler suit and then the shot panned upwards to his waist and he was... how can I put this without sounding rude... Hahaha! **** it - his waist was THIN! I'm talking painfully thin also. I couldn't believe my eyes! But it wasn't him, it was a thin stunt double, as the camera didn't pan right up to his face, instead we saw a rear shot of the significantly wider Seagal walking on. I had to wonder - why the hell would you use a stunt double for something like that? It just made the film worse!

There was only one other thing I remember liking about the movie also and that was the pretty cool attempt at a Matrix style 'bullet time' shooting sequence, where you saw the bullets in slow motion powering into the back of Seagal's jeep. Pointless, yes, but pretty cool as well. Seagal needs to now see some sense and stop working with these terrible 'amateur' directors who are simply making sh*t movies for the hell of it and get back into making mainstream, good movies. Hell - even make Under Siege 3 as long as it has a good director. For Christ's sake - can you imagine someone like Oblowitz directing it?! It is a good thing that this film hasn't been really reviewed by the critics - they would have had a field day. Overall I would give the film itself 2 out of 10 and the fight scenes and Seagal himself four out of ten (Marked For Death would get 10 out of 10, if you want something to compare with). I am seriously disappointed with this crap.

Glimmer Man


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as long as the fights are good thats the only thing i care about.....with that guy directing i always knew it was gonna be rubbish.
Out For A Kill 3/5

I have just seen OFAK & i'm just writing this off the top of my head...


Right on Glimmer,who is this guy called Oblowitz?Again he let's us down.How he made it through film school I will never know.Not exactly hard to see why he doesn't get any mainstream,theatrical films offered to him.As previosly stated,his direction is all over the place & couldn't tell a story if he made a thousand efforts.For what he lacks in direction skills,he seems to compensate with having computer noises & fast speed ups whenever the bad guys are talking around the table.This just ends up being highly annyoing.

The cast:

One of the highlights of the cast was undoubdly Michelle Goh(Tommie Ling).Not only is she stunningly beautiful,but she is a highly competant actor & she really shines in this film.Her only other major film role was in the Hong Kong cult classic(rent it!).She even gets to kick ass herself with some hoe!Usually talented actor Corey Johnson is just average as Lings DEA wise cracking partner.While Kata Dobo has a quick demise and also gets her tits out for the lads:D.Our hero is his ususal self;nothing more & nothing less.At the beginning Seagal seems bored & uninterested but seems to liven up the more fights he has!

Fight scenes:

Ok...onto the fight scenes!For the Seagal fans out there who like to see him kick ass(that would make all of us),you will not be disapointed:D.From two uncut arm brakes(Ras will be pleased!)to sword fighting with a bunch of monks,Seagal has not kicked this much ass since Marked For Death.I think there's 10 fights(!!) all together,as Seagal tracks down each member of the Tong to avenge the murder of his wife.This is basically all this film is about-fight scene after fight scene!.One of the best fights was with this weird flying "Monkey" charachter.

On reflection,I completley disagree with that ol' sourpus Glimmer!If you accept OFAK for what it is-a stv movie-,turn your brain off and just enjoy watch Seagal do his thing you will love it.Maybe.

***/***** 3/5


Parting shot:Mr Seagal-Please don't let Michael Oblowitz direct any of your films ever again.


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Well, B&N just sent my confirmation order, so it'll be at least two weeks before I can see it.

Drat. Drat. Drat.

-TD, grumpy because she'll be the last one to see the film


I Belong To Steven
I am going to rent it today, yipeeeeee!
But, OMG!
What if they don't have enough copies?
What if they are all checked out?
What a horrible very scary thought!


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justice808 said:
Poor you.

How come it takes two weeks to get to you?

My limited delivery options: it's sent via Canada Post (from, presumably, the US Postal Service). As much as I wanted to get the film ASAP, I wasn't about to pay twice what I paid for the film in delivery fees.

-TD, back to looking for change in the couch cushions


I Belong To Steven
Well, I just went out to get it and whew, I've
got it in my hot little hands now, heh,heh, heh! :D
Didn't want to wait until this afternoon, just in case...
But I can't watch it until tonight though, my darn appointment
had to be on the same day, arrgh...
Gotta devote all my attention to detail after all! :D
Believe me, that is not so easy while watching Mr. Charisma! ;)
I was quite surprised that they had more VHS copies than DVD copies available, though...
Seems weird to me, since the VHS is so costly...
Well, we are a little backwards out here, LOL...
Maybe I am not the only one who's not yet converted to DVD...
I saw no sign of the movie poster, either...:(
Someone obviously snagged it already, probably a blockbuster employee...
I may just have to sneak a few peeks or two at this before I leave the house though...:D
I will let you know my very biased opinion later on this evening, like it
or not...:)
Hi Justice, I can guarantee you I will definately be enjoying it...;)


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Thank you Justice !! I am waiting my copy !! I will watch this movie only for Steven Seagal !!


Smile dammit!
Good reviews. As always, i'll reserve judgement until i see the guilty director's work myself.


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Glad you enjoyed it, Justice. A sourpuss(!) I may be, but I had honestly expected more. The effects were pretty cool, I agree, particularly the bullet time one near the beginning, but what did you make of the computer noises? Did the location names not run in time with the computer noises on your copy? I mean - how basic (not to mention annoying) a flaw is that?! Even a Van Damme film would get that right! For me, the fights were the only thing that really stood out - I admit that they are pretty good, but they aren't exactly Marked For Death. However, the general storyline sucked and the poor direction (or lack of) was distracting to say the least. I don't understand why Seagal doesn't direct himself again - he could do the job ten times better than Michael Oblowitz. You would really give this film 3 out of 5? I would agree with you maybe for an STV movie, but in comparison to his other STV movies, I would give it 2 out of 5. In fact - I will rate his STV movies below:

Fire Down Below - 5 out of 5
The Patriot - 3 out of 5
Ticker - 2 out of 5
Foreigner - 2 out of 5
Out For A Kill - 2 out of 5

Take it easy mate.

Hi Glimmer,the fact this review was done straight after I saw the film(didn't really have time to mention every little detail)I admit to missing certain aspects of the film out in my review.I would agree 100% about the location names/computer noise thing-very annoying.I didn't actually say the fights were as good as the fights in Marked For Death,just that he hadn't kicked this much ass since MFD.I also agree that the general story line sucked(what there was of it).The film was basically(as you already said)a reason for Seagal to show off his martial arts skills.Remember,on the synopis for OFAK,it does say this film is a homage to many cult martial arts flicks so perhaps we should 've already expected this.And yes,I really would give OFAK a three out of five score.Who knows why Seagal doesn't want to direct his new films?I guess he either doesn't feel the need to or just doiesn't want to.It will certainly be a shame if Seagal never has a chance to direct another of his movies.

My other rating for stv Seagal movies.

Fire Down Below 4/5
The Patriot 3/5
Ticker 2/5
The Foreigner 2/5
OFAK 3/5


I Belong To Steven
okay! Just watched the movie, and I really enjoyed it...:D
I think it is entertaining, asthetically pleasing, and even humourous....
He looks well, and very handsome as always, somehow his character brings back faint memories of Jack Taggert...:D
Also he kicks major butt, and the swordfight scene was great!
Not a lot of stunt doubles that I noticed, and of course the more I see of him, the more I like it, oh baby...;)


First of all being a woman, I like the pink lettering, LOL...
And I noted he wore my favorite jacket (the burgundy one) again...
Must be his fav too, heh, heh...)
But what was it with the voice changing in the beginning? Hmmm...
That was too much like the foreigner....
Loved the waterfall, very cool asthetically...
The slo mo bullets were kind of cool too...
Aww, the sweet forehead kisses, what a sweetie, sigh....
Oooh and a love scene? I am now insanely jealous, however he is such a gentleman in the scene...
Sweet hugs and nothing more?
I want more baby, give me more! ;) ;) ;)
And the wedding ring, well...
Can't help but really wish it were my ring he was wearing...
Oh those gorgeous hands....
The plane and the barber shop scenes were toooo funny I thought, a little cheesy though...
Maybe some Seagal humor in there?
He's just so serious most of the time, but still funny...:D
The decapitation was very fake, and they definately could have and should have gone back and made it more realistic...
Brought back some memories of MFD, though...
Erm, Steven baby, do be careful where those flames hit you! :eek:
I really do want some babies someday honey, and you know you are the only man for me! :D ;) :D
So yes, I really really liked it, and I think it will do good, it's got action and it's entertaining, I think it is going to please...
As always, I'm impressed...And in love...:) ;) :)
What a magnificent man, no-one like him, that's for sure!


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It's not bad at all, definitely a step up from the Foreigner (which I didn't hate, but found a bit "strange" in the acting parts... Oblowitz definitely needs to work on his craft, but he shows potential)