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Out of Reach in video

I dont mind if his movies come out on video or at the cinema..i will still see them.Its not his fault what the movies are made into.(wether they be big screen/ video)..he rocks.So dont be to pissed off if you are a true fan you will be pleased any way they come...


I Belong To Steven
I will be glad to support him, and happy with the films,
to me they are a gift, he does them from the heart, and
I appreciate both him and them...:)
Well,I see there many movies coming to theaters these days that aren't even worth paying attention to.A lot of crap,and even Seagal STV movies may seem somewhat a masterpiece in comparison with them.


Disposition Seagal
Yeah, would you want Seagal's movies lost in the myriad of mainstream crap that usually comes out? I'd rather own it sooner anyway to watch it a couple times a week. :)