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What are you? Republican, Independent or DumbocRAT?

I often wonder what Seagal Sensei is as far as what party he supports. Hope very much he is not a DumbocRAT as if he was, like the rest of em when I find out they are, I refuse to watch or listen to anything with them in it. So, hopefully, he's a Republican or at the very leasat an Independent.


Potters Clay
I am one of a few on this forum. I learned real quick a few years ago that most here are not Republican or a Conservative. I stand my ground on what I believe in. I have taken a few punches but I am still here. :D
Well, now you have me on your side.
All the non Republicans will learn when they get ahead in life. Not very fun to have the government take your hard earned money. Not very good to be a DumbocRAT!


Potters Clay
This years elections shall be interesting conversation. I have already had a few with my dad who is a Republican but talks an votes like a Democrat. The media got him.