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  • Michelle, miss you around here!!

    Wishing you a very "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year":)

    May Santa be good to you and your daughter!!:)
    Darn it I can't keep count now it's gone over 31 and started again at 1.

    Come back Michelle!

    Hi hun, sorry been ut of action for a while. Martial Arts goes weel thanks. What you been upto???
    9 days and counting, I'll be coming to look for you soon but how many do I count up to in this game of hide and seek?

    I hope all is going fine with you.
    I am doing great!!:) We had some beautiful "Spring" weather, even so it is still winter!! But it's back to normal again!! But that is Kansas for you!!

    Good to hear from you!!:)
    Maybe the rock throwers have turned over a new stone this year? I hope they keep on being nicer as it makes the whole world a pleasanter place, (spelt that wrong but can't figure out which letters are wrong, that's my brain through the fog of a cold for you)
    I look forward to hearing the details.
    Hi! - I was here and now I am leaving - need to get some rest- recovering from surgery.....hope all is well with you...
    How's life now Michelle? I hope it is getting sunnier or at least a ray of dawn on the horizon.
    Cheer up it's only life!

    I haven't been on much and we must have missed each other. I'll send you an email very soon.

    Actually the mouse does work better on the wallpaper instead of my underwear.... but then for one who seldom dresses any longer, what does it matter - Oh yes, your mind did need to go there.....
    Hi michelle - I wouldn't mind the dark, with Steven next to me - waking up in the morning, wouldn't be back, Steven next to me driving to work wouldn't be bad, going to bed at night in the dark, would be grrrreat ....... !!
    Hey Michelle
    Hope your well - I am back on site ! This place is good for me, so would Steven for that matter !!:rolleyes:
    I'm sorry I stopped by your page now because I've got a very bad picture in my head from what Myst says and heaven help her if she is trying to change her underwear by clicking her mouse!
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