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Primary Target - Steven Seagal, Michael Madsen, L. Mandylor, Scott Adkins


Announcing a new Seagal movie but with Seagal, Michael Paré and Robert Lesardo. Go to instagram. There was the announcement.
If he does indeed have two movies in the pipeline, let's hope he is focused 100% and not just picking up an easy paycheck for like two days work to appear in a pointless cameo in a poorly made film. Unfortunately, I have little faith in anything he does nowadays. He needs to work with skilled artists who know how to film and edit well with a small budget and bring the most from it, and not some Z-grade team from Bulgaria or wherever.
Hmmm this is all Interesting lol. I'm definently intrigued and I'll keep an eye out on my little sources for any new info anywhere on Instagram
I’m curious about one thing:Cypher movie,intended to be released in 2015 I mean widerelease.I’m afraid it was cancelled